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 Sep 2016

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VS Polo Club

Map / Hotels / Taxi / Car
N13*41.3' x E100*52.5'


Siam Polo Park
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N12*53.5' x E100*58.1'
 The most beautiful polo club in Asia

B.Grimm Thai Polo
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N12*53.5' x E100*59.6'
Caution - not all are welcome, check first.

Polo Escape
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N12*48.2' x E101*00.5'


VS Polo Club is 15 minutes from Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport -- You are welcome to come and play with us.

The B.Grimm Thai Polo Club has submitted their dates for the 2017 polo season. We are waiting for polo events from Polo Escape, VS Polo Club and SPP Polo Club. As we receive them, we will post them -- 2017 Polo Calendar

The Hong Kong Polo Team (HKPT) have won theeir 5th international, beating the Royal Salute Jeju and Korea BMW teams in a five chukka match. Hosted by J.B. Lee, the Chairman of the Korea Polo Country Club, the polo matches were aired live for the first time on Facebook and YouTube. With the final match commentary narrated by seasoned English polo player Toby Copson. In terms of post event celebrations, Macey and Sons staged a live auction with proceeds going to HKPT’s charity Riding for the Disabled (RDA). On the first day, HKPT were off to a perfect start winning both their preliminary matches by a margin of 3 and 4 goals. Throughout the tournament, Korea BMW tightened their lines, and focused their game on the speed of their horses as well as tighter marking. Over two chukkas HKPT built a margin of 2 goals and over the last half, Korea BMW had a couple of clear chances, breaking away from HKPT’s marks, only to miss by inches. The final game saw HKPT versus the Royal Salute Jeju team (who had beaten Korea BMW earlier). It was a great final, with an uncertain result until the very last few seconds. JB Lee and his son Rock scored early in the first chukka, keeping the tempo, anticipating HKPT’s mid-field, making it a struggle for Russell and James to keep pace with a very well mounted Royal Salute’s midfield. Out running HKPT, the Royal Salute left a 2 vs. 1 and 3 vs. 1 inside HKPT’s 60 yard mark. It was 3-0 to Royal Salute at the end of the first chukka, leaving a lot of work to do if HKPT were to turn it around. Slowing the ball on the second chukka, Pato Furlong (CAPT) controlled the pace of the match and disrupted Royal Salute’s long-passing game. Drawing their midfielders close, left Kwan and Russell more freedom, allowing HKPT to score 2 goals in quick succession. With only 3 minutes to play, Kwan hit the ball forward off a scrimmage, allowing Pato (CAPT) to break free whilst being chased by a very fast JB Lee. Russell then picked up the ball, scoring from a short distance - leveling the score at 3-3 with only 2 minutes to go. Rock from Royal Salute then missed a shot inside HKPT’s 60 yard line. Allowing Russell to seize an opportunity to score the match-winning goal through a narrow gap in between 2 Royal Salute’s defenders with only 10 seconds left to the final whistle. It was a fantastic comeback, showing great determination and a winning mentality from HKPT.

The Hong Kong Polo Team (HKPT) have won the final of the Hong Kong Challenge Cup 2016. Following on from their historic wins earlier on in the competition, HKPT made history today with a final score of 9½ - 9 beating Garcha Hotels in a five chukka match. The win truly marked the return of polo back to Hong Kong.

King Power Foxes won the British Open Championship in the Final of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup. Khun Top won it last year, so this year it was Khun Tal's turn. Hugo Lewis was back on the team at 2 goals. along with Gonzalito and Facundo Pieres at 10 goals each. La Indiana had put on a very strong performance with USA team captain Nic Roldan (7 goals) playing at number 2, 8 goaler Agustin ‘Tincho’ Merlos at 3, and Julian de Lusarreta (6 goals) at Back. The Cowdray Park webpage reports, "King Power Foxes made the first mark on the scoreboard with a 40 yard penalty put through by Facundo Pieres, swiftly followed by goals from Hugo Lewis and Gonzalo Pieres. The fast paced action of chukka 1 continued with goals from Agustin Merlos and Julian de Lusaretta for La Indiana and the chukka ended with the blue shirts of King Power Foxes just ahead at 3-2. As the players settled into the match there were missed attempts at goal by both teams and just five more goals on the score board through chukkas 2 and 3 so that by half time the score was poised at 5-5. After the ritual treading-in, both sides came back onto the field for what proved to be a tough, defensive chukka with each team playing cat and mouse and no goals scored. A jittery fifth chukka saw Facundo Pieres miss his first attempt at goal. Awarded a 40 yard penalty he missed again. There was a horse race down the boards, the ball went out but Hugo Lewis won it from the roll-in and sent a huge lofted shot towards La Indiana’s goal. There was a scrum as the white shirts tried to defend their goal but a mistake saw de Lusarreta push the ball over the line giving a goal away to King Power Foxes and the score moved on to 6-5. King Power Foxes had the lift they needed and Facundo and Gonzalito Pieres between them made short work of the next goal, Gonzalito carrying the ball through the posts at speed for 7-5. It became apparent that the former brilliant attacking team play that La Indiana had shown through the tournament was beginning to unravel as they tried desperately to put up a defense against the Pieres’ onslaught. Chukka 6 opened with the play fast and determined as Facundo sought every opportunity to find a way through the La Indiana defence. A great piece of play saw him escape from Roldan and Merlos while Gonzalito waited behind for the ball. A smart goal resulted and King Power Foxes moved on to 8-5. The umpires blew for the re-start of play with a throw-in which inexplicably saw all four La Indiana players off changing horses. King Power charged away and Gonzalito scored the goal which sealed La Indiana’s fate. There was no coming back and King Power had gained their second successive victory in the Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup for the British Open Polo Championship."

Khun Top informs us that you can follow the Queens Cup this year on and the final is this Saturday at 3pm UK time. It will be between Dubai and La Indiana.

Khun Kukin has his hands full. While the King Power Team has moved to England to compete in the Queen's Cup and Gold Cup, Khun Kukin is holding down the fort. This means, he has to train the next generation of Thai Polo Players. This week, he has been working on Sarita Jensen. She is very keen, and her hitting was amazing. Kukin says she is making great improvement, but that she has to come more regularly than once a month. Kukin goes back to Argentina on 20 Jun, so we are not sure what happens to lessons after that.

Khun Jules reported that the Beginners Cup was a resounding success. This was the last tournament of the season, and it was a chance for all the new players to show their stuff on the field. An outstanding performance and lots of improvement

It is not official, but it may happen. We haven't had a Songkran Cup in years. Apparently, this tournament is the End of the Season Cup. But it is pretty close to Songkran, so this may mean that the Cup will be played under "Songkran Rules." This strikes the fear of God into most polo players in Thailand and spurs them on to higher standards of play. The Songkran Cup was pioneered at SPP in the very early days of polo. Songkran is the Thai New Year Celebration held in mid-April. The Thais celebrate with ample amounts of cold water splashed on anyone and everyone at anytime. On the polo field, this holiday is celebrated in a slightly different way -- A large bucket of ICE WATER is prepared and set on the side of the field. On the final day, the last place team is prostrated on the side of the field and awarded by the other teams pouring the buckets of ice water onto their heads. It is fun, and it is a great way to cool off. That being said, it is also extremely cold, and thus inspires players to do their best. We cannot get any confirmation from anyone if this has been approved, but it just may be approved at the last minute. Standby and let's see. Play starts 4pm on Sat and Sunday. Asado on Saturday night. The TPA Handicap Committee will be in attendance to study the performance of the players. We don't know if this is the last tournament of the season or not, but maybe it is. Any questions, try emailing TPA --  AND....
It was a brilliant tournament to end the season. All the teams were more closely matched than we would have thought. SPP Pattaya narrowly edged past SPP on Day1. Eric Barthe was lethal and put the SPP team on high form. The Mauro-Cristian connection was too powerful in the end and took them to the final. The Black Dog team was back on the field for the first time this season, and no one had any idea what to expect. They scored 2 quick goals, then King Power hit them hard in the second chukka leaving it 5-2 at the bell. But then the fire started. It was pure blood and tears and the Dogs fought back valiantly with team play the likes the fans had never seen. The score was 6-6 and the bell rang. King Power's Santy scored the winning goal with only 2 seconds remaining on the clock and Edward learned that play continues 30 seconds after the bell on the final chukka if the score is tied, and Manav learned that if you hit the ball to the boards in the final 30 seconds, the whistle will blow. It was a good learning experience for the new members of the Black Dog team. On the final day, the real battle was on Field1 between SPP and Black Dog. SPP dominated the match as the Dog team simply could not get the ball between the post despite many attempts. It may have been that some of the members were spotted on a late nite expedition with Lucas and Miguel. The score was 4-0 going into the last chukka. Then something happened. 3 dogs were injured, Joaco's horse was ready to collapse, but the call came and the dogs answered. They scored 2 immediate goals. Then Manav carried the ball to goal, and missed the post by deflecting off the horses leg. Then Joaco said, "what the hell," and sent a Hail Marry pass down field, the dogs caught it and circled through and around 3 players to score with 30 seconds remaining. The final bell rang, and the Black Dog team had lost 3-4 in the blistering heat -- winning yet again the bucket of Ice Water. The SPP team kindly joined the Black Dog team in receiving the ice water as they had lost the day before to SPP Pattaya. The final game was between King Power and SPP PATTAYA. Now one was scoring for the first 2 chukkas. Santy was trying to rally his team, but the Mauro-Cristian connection turned on with Philip and Mad Max competing for the longest penalty shot... and SPP PATTAYA took the trophy with a 4-1 win over King Power.

BLACK DOG & SPP "Share the Ice" from the big blue Songkran Cup -- Las Chicas con Las Bochas en Mano give the team trophies






In honor of our dear friend, James Ashton, this tournament is held yearly at Polo Escape to remember our dear friend and ambassador to polo around the world. The handicap of the tournament has been changed by popular demand to 8-10 goals. 4 teams have now confirmed. If you are interested to join, please email
Welcome to Polo Escape and thank you for joining us for the James Ashton tournament this weekend , March 19-20 th . 4 teams will be playing this tournament -- King Power , Mulia / Kuppa , El Paisano and Polo Escape . Each team will play total 4 chukkas per day under HPA rules with Tim Keyte as the Umpire . Please be present at the players and team introductory meeting @ Polo Escape's club house / Pool villa at 3.00 pm Saturday 19 th  Schedule of the games ; THE SCHEDULE
Saturday 19 th
3.00 pm Team meeting at Pool villa
3.30 pm First Match begins ( El Paisano vs Mulia / Kuppa )
4.30 pm Second match ( King Power vs Polo Escape )
After matches , refreshments and snacks at polo bar followed by sundowner tapas and drinks at pool villa .
8.00 pm Asado dinner / live band at function viilla ..all players welcome .
Sunday 20 th
3.30 pm First match
4.30 pm Final match
5.30 pm Prize giving followed by refreshments and snacks at polo bar.

Probably, the most exciting Elephant Polo Final we have seen in many years. Ed Story's Reung Chang teams stormed into the final day with a stunning victory over Audemars Piquet. King Power just edged past Citibank by a single goal in the semi-final, so the Reung Chang team was looking very good. The King's Representative arrived and over a thousand spectators circled the field in anticipation of an exciting event. Reung Chang started with a 2 point lead (6-4) based on handicap. From the moment the ball was thrown in, they were on attack. Khun Nat and Khun Bung were defending valiantly, but the Reung Chang attack continued. Khun Taweesak was using the same tactics he had used against Audemars Piguet, but this match was played on the very fast and agile A and B elephants. After 7 minutes of onslaught, neither team had scored and Reung Chang still retained the lead. The fans were going wild cheering for Reung Chang, as they had never won a King's Cup. In the second half, the teams changed directions and elephants, and the King Power team came on form. King Power was able to start scoring and equalize, then Reung Chang foung back and scored. The score was then tie with only a minute to play. There was so much cheering from the sidelines, that the players could not hear each other, then in the final minute, King Power converted twice and took the King's Cup 9-7. It was a brilliant battle, and the real story was that for the first time ever in the history of the King's Cup Elephant Polo, there were 4 Thai players on the field for the final. This is a testament to the commitment that friends of polo and Thailand have made to bringing Thais into the game. Congratulations to all for a very inspiring King's Cup 2016 --  The event, this year, was held on the banks of the Chao Praya River with a magnificent view of the river and all of Bangkok right next to Anantara Riverside Hotel --  The main purpose for the change in dates was to avoid the rains. We have all learned by now, that elephant polo and rain do not mix well, so this will be a very welcome change.

King Power and Reung Chang with the King's Cup -- Kathy Heinecke with the All Blacks

Former Miss Thailand 1994 Areeya and Casillero del Diablos team -- Citibank pulled all their resources for 2016 team effort

Oliviero and this team as Audemars Piguet once again a title sponsor of the King's Cup 2016 -- King Power scoring in the final minute of play (Photo: Narong)  

It is a great pleasure to welcome you all back to this 14th Edition to the King's Cup Elephant Polo 2016 admirably organized by Tim Boda & his team at the Minor Group. With all players now confirmed we have seeded teams and will advise in due course the handicapping on March 9th. The Handicapping & Welcome is at the Anantara Riverside's Elephant Bar from sunset onwards and Elephant Polo Practice is set for Wednesday afternoon Riverside close to the Anantara Riverside and new Avani Hotel - suggest you make your bookings there it is walking distance to the field and the bar !! Also the traditional welcome ceremony for the Elephants at the field Thursday March 10th in the morning. THE PEPA PLAYERS DINNER - PENINSULA HOTEL The Peninsula Hotel is the venue of our Players Dinner on Thursday 10th March with cocktails from 730pm - a short distance from the field - and will be a wonderful event - the evening has been put together by Katja Henke - General Manager of the Peninsula and founder of the Peninsula Elephant Polo Association. This beautiful Riverside Location is a great venue till late ! This Event is Casual / Elephant Polo Dress Music / Great Food & Bar at 2300++ baht per person !!
The teams are:-

Audemars Piguet

Arabian Knights



JW Blue Label



PWC All Blacks

Rueang Chang

1. Uday Kalaan

1. Wael Soueid

1. Sharyln Stafford

1. Darren Buckley

1. Bjorn Richardson

1. Tom Claytor

1. Tim Beaumont

1. Robin Brooke

1. Ed Story

2. Angad Kalaan

2. Steve Thompson

2. Ravini Perera

2. Wanvisa Komidr

2. Robin Lourvanij

2. Nattapong

2. Franck Constant

2. Charlie Richelman

2. Taweesak Keereekaew

3. Cameron Humphries

3. Stuart Allan

3. Sharona Hurmuses

3. Rob Mullis

3. Rikard Hogberg

3. Satid

3. Prab Thakal

3. Olo Brown

3. Prakorn Saejaw





4. Kristin Grube

4. Ploy Bhinsaeng

4. Oliver Winter

4. Chris Stafford





4. David Wildridge

4. Paul Stitt

4. Jason Friedman

5. Amer Braik




5. Tom Fontaine

5. Tarrik Stafford

5. David Patridge

5. Mark Pearson




6. Manish Jha

6. Fon








It happen. The intrepid Hong Kong Polo Team was able to organize and play the Hong Kong Challenge in Philippines against Mikee Romero's Global Port team at ALABANG COUNTRY CLUB (about 45 min from the Manila Airport). They charged off into a huge lead, but then Mikee and his team with support from Adrian, came back to defeat the Hong Kong Team by a single goal. Honk Kong was represented by Patrick, Russell Tyre, James Bean and Richard Cameron. These guys are keen and have been playing in all corners of Asia. They had tried all of the 2016 season to play against King Power, but they will have to wait until 2017. 

The boys from Tang Polo will be joined by Brian Xu and Leroy for an All Chinese CNY Cup at SPP and VS. These are approximate dates.

This is the tournament that the entire world has been waiting for -- The Ladies Cup with a Bikini Fashion Show on Saturday Evening by "PINK" a leading Australian designer. It is all happening at Polo Escape. Each team will have one male player (or gaucho) with 3 lady players. The Male player cannot score, but he can defend. Only the girls can put the ball in the goal. Everyone is welcome. The Saturday Evening Gala Dinner will be to die for -- cost is 2,500 Baht per person (free flowing wine... the finest), or 1,250 Baht for those who do not drink the wine, or 850 Baht for children under 12. DO NOT MISS THE FIRST POLO "PINK" BIKINI SHOW EVER HELD IN THE KINGDOM OF THAILAND. 

It was a full on Ladies Team against a Mens team on the field at Polo Escape. The ladies team comprised the best of the best from the Ladies Cup teams. There was some talk that the Mens team should play without stirrups, but being the caballeros that they are, they agreed to play with their gentle nature. Gentle my foot.... The Ladies started with a 2 goal handicap advantage and quickly too that to 4 goals. The gauchos were definitely caught off gaurd. Sarah Wiseman was attacking and defending and Camila Rossi was a tour de force. All the Ladies took turns riding off the gauchos, but amidst the onslaught, the mens team managed to equalize in the 3rd chukka. Their confidence did not last long as the second wave took its toll and the ladies again took a 3 goal lead until the final bell. The gauchos were indeed humbled, but such is the nature of the female polo player, that the gauchos took the lesson well and congratulated the victors.

It was a full on event, as Ladies from England, Argentina, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand took to the field. Each team had a single gaucho, and the gauchos could only score from outside of the 60 yard line. Wild Rose in Black took the early lead with excellent play from Argentine professional Camila Rossi and strong passing from Diego. Then on Day 2, The Frangipani Team came on form and equalized with Wild Black and was in the lead against Pink. Surely, the Cup would be theirs. Into the final two minutes of play, until Fernando Rivera scored a stunner and then sent the ball downfield for another goal. Alice Gipps was very strong and fought for the ball. Khun Robin also as determined as ever. The result, Pink had come from behind and taken the cup in the final minute of the final chukka. Congratulations to all.

White Orchid (in pink) comes from behind in the final minutes of the last chukka to capture the Trophy


As exciting at the polo itself, is the progress of the TPA HANDICAP CARDS. Khun Stewart has been promoted to International Communications, and he has announced that the Handicap Cards will  be coming anytime from now. Handicap Cards issued by the governing polo body of a particular country allow players to travel abroad and play in other countries with their club handicap. The Handicap Cards will be dated 31 Oct 2015 to 31 Oct 2016. The big question is whether they will be ready before they expire in Oct 2016... Let's wait and see as we follow this exciting yearly saga -- 2016 Thailand Handicaps -- UPDATE... Some TPA Handicap Cards appeared at the Ambassador Cup. The players were ecstatic and held their cards high in the air... Polo Escape and Russell Tyre are still waiting for their Handicap Cards, but they are definitely on the go now.

Three days before the Ambassador Cup begins, the TPA has announced who will be playing on which numbered team... 

The TPA has announced that this year, all the teams in the Ambassador Cup will be numbered and play as the numbered teams. This is to make everything very exciting and different for everybody. So, we have the following teams competing -- Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, Team 4, Team 5, Team 6, Team 7, Team 8, The tournament will be played at the 4-6 goal level. Three days before the tournament begins, the TPA has advised which team will be which number to increase the suspense and excitement of the tournament. We know that French L'Oreal has been chomping at the bit to play this year. L'Oreal has never yet made it to any final in the Ambassador Cup -- could this be their year??? -- EQUIPE L'OREAL (Julien (3) Laurent (2), Clemment (2), TBA (-1)) will be under the command of Clement once again. And do not underestimate this team, because they come complete with their L'Oreal "anti-fatigue kit." KING POWER will be there full force. This is the only tournament that Khun Top has never won, so he will be as determined as ever. Mikee has confirmed that the GLOBAL PORT PHILIPPINES team will be back for the Ambassador Cup. BRUNEI has confirmed that they are coming to compete for the first time in the Ambassador Cup. We haven't heard much from Beijing, but it is possible that we may have a CHINA POLO team. Khun Gusy may be coming from London with this stellar INDIAN TEAM from Ahamadabad. The latest news from the All Asia Cup is that Khun Ed has been given permission from Khun Lucas to bring a CORMIX team to the Ambassador Cup. Ed announced that he and Alex Dowelling will be on this team with 2 other international players. Lucas says he has invited a RUSSIAN team. Previous Crockfords member Russell and Khun Anil may combine forces to bring a team. The Pope's envoy himself, Nico Pepperoni, may be appearing in this tournament. In any event, you can be sure the earth will tremble as we approach the Ambassador Cup 2016. 
Get ready.... 

Team 1 (King Power) -- 1st
Team 2 (Cormix) -- 4th
Team 3 (SPP) --3rd
Team 4 (Tang) -- 2nd

Team 5 (L'Oreal) -- 4th
Team 6 (Pirates) -- 2nd
Team 7 (Globalport) -- 3rd
Team 8 (Ahmibah) -- 1st

Monday 15 February
3:30 - Team 5 vs Team 6 -- PIRATES WIN -- 7.5-4
4:30 - Team 1 vs Team 2 -- KING POWER WINS -- 9.5-4
6:00 - Team 3 vs Team 4 -- CHINA WINS -- 8-6.5
Tuesday 16 February
4:30 - Team 2 vs Team 4 -- CHINA WINS -- 7-4
5:30 - Team 7 vs Team 8 -- BRUNEI WINS -- 6-4
6:30 - Team 1 vs Team 3 -- KING POWER WINS -- 5-3
8:00 - Asado dinner
Wednesday 17 February
3:30 - Team 2 vs Team 3 -- SPP WINS -- 7.5-2
4:30 - Team 5 vs Team 7 -- GLOBAL PORT WINS -- 10-3
6:00 - Team 6 vs Team 8 -- BRUNEI WINS -- 9-7.5
Thursday 18 February
Rest Day
Friday 19 February
4:30 - Team 6 vs Team 7 -- PIRATES WIN -- 6.5-5
5:30 - Team 5 vs Team 8 -- BRUNEI WINS -- 9-4
6:30 - Team 1 vs Team 4 -- KING POWER WINS -- 5.5-4
Saturday 20 February
4:00 - Second place Group A vs Second place Group B -- PIRATES defeat TANG -- 7.5-5
6:00 - Final -- Winner of each Group -- KING POWER tie with BRUNEI -- 8-8 (6 chukkas)

DAY 1 -- Explosion on the field from Day 1, as the Pirates steal all the Anti-Fatigue Kits from L'Oreal and surge ahead in the first match of the tournament. Then the match everyone was waiting for as Khun Ed led his all-international team up against King Power. Lucas had not been playing for 2 months, and there were simply Blue Streaks of Lightning in all directions as the lethal combination of the Top and Tal connection dispatched any form of attack from the Cormix team. Then we saw a nail biter as SPP went up against the Great Wall of China, with Miguel simply strapping the ball onto his stick and carrying it ruthlessly from end to end. SPP put up a valiant effort, but the China team was relentless. A great game to watch, and more of us simply have to learn to play polo like Miquel. The Chinese Proverb of the match (provided by Shilai) -- "YungShung, SeuAh Jen, LeuA Tong" (Heros Think Same), or basically "Great Minds Think Alike." The China Team always provides apt proverbial advice to our editorial staff at SiamPoloNews.
DAY 2 -- And then we went onto Day 2 with China taking the wall to Cormix. Ed is a concrete expert, but the China team was omnipotent. There was a valiant charge by Cormix with Roddy playing some inspired polo, but Cormix was not able to convert on penalty opportunities and the Wang Gang was on form up in front. Fun game for everyone to watch. Then we went to the big field and watched Prince Jefri lead his team onto the field against Mikee's Philippine team. Lovely long runs from end to end and the fans were on the edge of their seats, but the Antonino-Araya connection was too much for Garcia and Mikee to counter. A solid victory for Brunei. Then all eyes were on the King Power team as the Secret Weapon, Khun Vichai himself, drew onto the field. No one knows why King Power chose to bring out the Secret Weapon against SPP, but it was too late. Khun Vichai drew first blood carrying the ball downfield. Soon King Power was in the lead 3-1 with Khun Vichai holding the hat trick. Then SPP turned to Khun Ploy to lead the counter and the tenpsion rose as there were fierce battles on all corners. Lucas sent long passes, and Top was carrying the ball well with Tal blocking, but SPP would reply. In the final 2 minutes SPP had the chance to convert a penalty and draw within one, but such was intimidation of the Secret Weapon, that they were not able to convert. A very fun game for all spectators and players and King Power looking very strong for a position in the final.
DAY 3 -- What a day it was... SPP comes on fire and takes out Cormix on the back field. International Commentator and polo player Karl Ude-Martinez is tasked to award the "Edward H. Batchelor Nearside Backhand Prize" to the best Nearside Back in the match... and the award went to Cormix's Thomas Wood from Zimbabwe. Then the lights came on and we went to watch a ferocious match between Global Port Philippines take on Equipe L'Oreal. It was a very aggressive match with a change of umpires and the heat increased. This is the kind of match where you really need the L'Oreal "Anti-Fatique Kit" and the Global Port Garci Romero connection was just too powerful to control. The final match of the day saw the Pirates surge into the lead, but Prince Jefri led a determined counter attack and reigned the Pirates in for a Brunei victory.

Brunei and King Power tie 8-8 after 6 glorious chukkas -- Ambassador Cup 2016 declared a tie

Siam Polo News Predicts the Final will be BRUNEI vs KING POWER -- Neither Prince Jefri nor Khun Top has ever won The Ambassador Cup... Place your bets!

The Pirates celebrating victory over Cormix -- Khun Tal assembled and ready to take the field

Global Port ready to face off against Brunei -- Ed's Cormix team preparing to face the Great Wall of China

Mikee Romero approves the VR to VS name change -- King Power pulls out the Secret Weapon Khun Vichai to stop SPP dead in their tracks

Brunei victorious after a brilliant come-from-behind victory over the Pirates -- El Pirata Santy with his Hermana Lucia en la cancha

Karl Ude-Martinez awards the "Edward H. Batchelor Nearside Backhand" Trophy to Zimbabwean Thomas Wood -- "Quien es Quien?" causing confusion among senior players!

China's Henry Revell takes out the goal post, but gets the goal! -- Promptly back on his feet and ready to play this summer in UK for King Power.

La Paisana and Antonino pleased with Argentina's elections -- Khun Vichai is back on the field and scores a hat-trick against SPP  -- Mikee Romero after a hard game against L'Oreal

"Parce que je le vaux bien!"  Equipe L'Oreal en plein form after a valiant battle against Global Port -- L'Oreal Captain Clement with Trainer Nick using the "Retro-Fatique Kit"

Asado dinner at Khun Vichai's house

An exciting meeting of five of the most passionate polo dynasties in Asia was recently held in Brunei... and apparently they were all on the field. His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei on one team, with His Royal Highness Prince Jefri on another, Khun Vichai was back on the field again on his team, with Inigo Zobel and Ali Albawardy on the other two teams. If we hear who won, we will share with you. The final was a nail biter with HM The Sultan's Team against Khun Vichai's team. Khun Top was playing for His Majesty's team and they claimed victory by a single goal at the final bell.

02 FEB 2016 -- NAME CHANGE
Apparently, the TPA has announced that VR Sports Club has officially changed its name to the VS Sports Club. So there you have it. See you at VS.

02 FEB 2016 -- PROMOTION
Khun Aor has been promoted to Sport Club Department Manager at VR (VS). Khun Aor writes and speaks perfect English, and she was previously Stable Manager and helping with communications for polo and making sure that people who sent emails to the club actually received an answer. Now Khun Gae will be in charge of this, so anyone who wants to play polo can email Khun Gae or call Khun Lucas.

The Koreans were back, and it was a very close two day tournament with Polo Escape edging ahead by a single goal on the final day.

It was one of the most thrilling tournaments of the year, and the earth certainly trembled at Polo Escape with the first ever holding of the Gourmet Cup. Polo Patrons Khun Hormoz teamed up with Polo Patron Khun Brook to take on Polo Patron Khun Todd from Shanghai, China. The High Goal players from Polo Escape -- Khun Robin and Khun PatPat -- were also on the field. Hormoz commanded the Polo Escape team and Todd commanded the Kuppa team. Day 1 saw the Kuppa Team spring into the lead with rapid goals scored by a determined Robin up front. She was relentless and the scoreboard rattled. Hormoz then sprang into action and started to convert, but it was a little too late, as the Kuppa Team had captured a 6-2 lead on the first Day. Khun Todd played very well with a solid pass up to Khun Robin and good composure in front of goal to convert. The first day of polo was followed by a delicious Kuppa Dinner overlooking the field and a very special appearance from veteran Chiangmai polo player Khun An. Everyone was thrilled to catch up with Khun An, and he told us he is now growing silage for cattle up in SaKaew. He has 600 rai in cultivation and he is feeding most of the dairy cattle in the Kingdom. Day 2 was a beautiful day of polo. Long open passes and solid back hand passes led to a very open game with very little whistles. In fact, there was not a single whistle the entire tournament. The match was conducted in "Caballero Style" with honor. The #4 player on each team declared if there was a foul, and everyone was in agreement. If only all polo could be played this way. Everyone was happy and cooperative, and the game was open and fluid. However, Kuppa was relentless in their pursuit of the Gourmet Cup. Hormoz attacked and captured a hat trick, but then Kuppa came back. At the final bell, Kuppa had finished 10-5 over the Polo Escape team. Khun Todd came off in the 4th chukka, and he was gallantly replaced by Khun PatPat who had much recovered from her previous day's hangover after the Australian Black Tie Affair in Bangkok. Thank you Polo Escape for a wonderful tournament and to our Patrons Brook, Todd and Hormoz. Photos by JAMESHANDMADE

Khun Robin surges ahead -- The Gourmet Cup -- Kuppa Patron Khun Todd and his winning team
Photos courtesy of JamesHandMade

Khun Robin has taken her Polo Escape team to Argentina to face off against Cambiaso and his daughter Mia. They played their final match today at Palermo. Robin reported that it was the first time Ladies (and young girls) were able to play at Palermo. It may have been due to the fact that Cambiaso was playing with his daughter Mia -- and after winning 3 Triple Crowns in a row -- why not. Robin was nervous, because they had previously watched the Cambiaso Mia combination defeat another ladies team 8-0. Robin did not tell us the final score in their match, but she did say that they got some goals. Congratulations for a Thailand team competing in the Mixed Cup Tournament at Palermo.

Khun Lucas has invited Hong Kong to come and play the 2-4 goal Hong Kong Challenge in 2017. There just was not time this season. Lucas explained that the calendar is made at the end of the season, so if a team wants to come and play, then they should request in advance for the next season. The reason is because the schedule is made in the beginning of the season and has to be approved by the TPA and Top and Tal. Khun Top said on 11 Jan that he welcomes Hong Kong to come and play at VR or SPP and it is up to Lucas to decide when. On 02 Jan 2016, Lucas said that the SPP Pattaya Field was not in good shape because of problems with the water. Torrey Dorsey had been trying for 6 months to see if his Hong Kong Team could have the honor of playing against King Power and some Thailand teams. Originally, they had 4 dates when they could play, but then they only had one set of dates 6-7 Feb 2016. Hong Kong had 50 spectators ready to travel from Hong Kong to Thailand to watch their fledgling team in action. Now, they are hoping they can come in the end of March. We are not sure of the reason for the postponement, but we are sure it must be for a very good reason. We have heard rumors that the Hong Kong team has been on a roll winning in all corners of Asia, so perhaps the King Power team wants to scout the competition to be on their best form before the meeting. Hong Kong was go for the date of 6-7 Feb. Polo Escape was go for this date. Black Dog was go for any date. We were only waiting to see if King Power could join the tournament. Lucas has said this tournament will be held at SPP PATTAYA. Khun Robin had confirmed that Kuppa would organize the Argentine Asado on the Saturday evening. SPP PATTAYA is where it all started in Thailand before 2003. The challenge emanated from Torrey Dorsey at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club that his nearly undefeated Hong Kong Team wanted to challenge some Thailand polo teams to a match of virtue and honor in the Kingdom. The line up would be 4 teams -- KING POWER, HONG KONG, BLACK DOG, and POLO ESCAPE. The Venue would be SPP PATTAYA which many would agree is the most beautiful polo club in Asia. All we need is the approval. STANDBY as we wait to see if we can get the approval. Handicap: 2-4 goals. Possible Dates that were being considered:  6-7 February or end of March. Now It has been confirmed by Lucas that Hong Kong Challenge will be planned for next season. We will keep you updated. 

This year, The All Asia Cup is not being organized by the same person who organized the 2012 and 2014 All Asia Cups. This year, the maximum handicap per player is 3 goals (previously it was 4 goals). This year, each team will be allocated 10 "patron horses" and the remaining horses will be drawn from a hat. (Previously, all the horses were pre-grouped, numbered with a Horse Data Sheet, and each group of horses was drawn from a hat). This year, apparently, if a player is injured, then his substitute must have the same handicap. (Previously, a substitute could be the same handicap or lower, but the team handicap would not change). Information on the previous 2014 All Asia Cup.
This year, we appear to have 8 teams again, but with the addition of a Malaysian team instead of India. All Asia Cup 2014 was the largest Asian All National Tournament ever organized in the world. There were 8 national teams on the field, and it was a thrilling event. The exciting thing about the ALL ASIA CUP is that we are striving to show that Asia is united in their commitment to polo with a view to having polo included once again as an Olympic Sport. We saw this year that the Japan Olympics were discussing inclusion for the Olympics in 2020, so we are making progress. This is the vision. Any questions --

A Mongolian Charge -- in the 2012 All Asia CupNew Dates: 5-16 January 2016
Team Handicap: 2-4 Goals
Maximum Player Handicap: 3 goals.
Rules: HPA Rules
Umpires: Tim Kyte & Oliver Ellis (canceled by TPA and replaced with other HPA Umpires)
Venue: VR Sports Club & Siam Polo Park
Entry Fee: US$ 15,000 (includes chukka fee, umpires, jerseys, dinners & drinks)
US$ 10,000 (if team uses own horses)
Stabling Fees: THB 500 / horse / day (paid direct to VR sports club)
Player Qualifications: All team members must hold a valid passport from the country that they are playing for, or they must hold a Birth Certificate and ID card from that country.
Deposit: US$ 4,000 due by 30th September 2015
Bank Name: The Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited
Account Number: 0792333337.
Branch: Thanon Ramkhamhaeng
Bank Address: 1898 Ramkhamhaeng Road, Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240, THAILAND.
Swift Code: SICOTHBK

Khun Lucas has confirmed that the following teams have said they will participate in ALL ASIA CUP 2016 -- INDONESIA, KOREA, MONGOLIA, MALAYSIA, THAILAND, PHILIPPINES, CHINA, and BRUNEI. This is the first time that Malaysia will be entering a team and our SPP friends Advocate Anil and Syed Butriz will be commanding the charge. Indonesia is determined to defend their victory from 2014, but Thailand coming off 2 straight Hi-Goal victories in the British summer season is looking to take the title back again. China was hoping that the All Asia Cup would be broken down into a high and low goal section, but their wish is not to be, as the All Asia Cup will remain a 2-4 goal event -- and just like the Olympics, the winner takes the cup. Mongolia has promised to descend from the roaring steppes and wreak havoc on all teams once again, but they are improving tremendously every year we see them. JB's Korean team will feature JB and David Ko at1 goal, with James Lee, and Jerry at zero, but don't let that fool you, because this team has been going from strength to strength all season including an expedition to the Mongolian Steppe to learn some Ghengis Khan tactics. India has finished in second place in the past 2 All Asia Cups, but have not confirmed they will play this year's All Asia Cup. Brunei is coming with it's Big Gun and is a thrilling team to watch on the field. Philippines is determined and ready to try again. Unfortunately, Ronnie Lim's Singapore team has decided not to come this year

Hotel: TPA has the special room rates for polo players at 3,650 Baht / night for Deluxe room and 4,812 Baht / night for Executive room. Or book yourself right now on
Team Van: The van fees, driver and gas included, are 2,500 Baht per day for traveling in Bangkok and to the field and 3,500 per day for traveling to Pattaya. The van is available for 10 hours a day, and  if you would like to extend the service longer than 10 hours, the charge will be additional 200 Baht per hour. To book the Hotel or Team Van --

10 Dec 2015 -- Just over 3 weeks to go until the All Asia Cup and we have the GROUPS and the SCHEDULE.

Thailand - 1st
Malaysia - 2nd
Mongolia - 3rd
South Korea - 4th

Indonesia - 1st
Philippines - 2nd
Brunei - 3rd
China - 4th

Please check daily for revisions and updates!
TUESDAY -- Day 1
05 Jan 2012 -- 1pm -- Press Conference at King Power (soi Rangnam)
05 Jan 2012 -- 4:30pm -- Malaysia vs South Korea --  13 - 5.5
05 Jan 2012 -- 5:30pm --  Thailand vs Mongolia --  10 - 3
06 Jan 2012 -- 4:30pm -- Malaysia vs Mongolia --  10 - 7.5
06 Jan 2012 -- 5:30pm --  Thailand vs South Korea --  8 - 2.5
06 Jan 2012 -- 8pm -- Dinner at VRSC
07 Jan 2012 -- 4:30pm -- Mongolia vs South Korea --  12 - 1.5
07 Jan 2012 -- 5:30pm --  Thailand vs Malaysia --  8.5 - 4
07 Jan 2012 -- 8pm -- Wine Pub (Pullman)
FRIDAY -- Day 4
08 Jan 2012 -- REST DAY
09 Jan 2012 -- 4:30pm -- Indonesia vs Philippines --  9 - 3.5
09 Jan 2012 -- 5:30pm -- Brunei vs China --  9 - 2
SUNDAY -- Day 6
10 Jan 2012 -- 4:30pm -- Philippines vs China --  8 - 2.5
10 Jan 2012 -- 5:30pm -- Indonesia vs Brunei --  8 - 7.5
10 Jan 2012 -- 8pm -- Dinner at VRSC
MONDAY -- Day 7
11 Jan 2012 -- 4:30pm -- Indonesia vs China --  9 - 3.5
11 Jan 2012 -- 5:30pm -- Philippines vs Brunei --  6 - 3.5
11 Jan 2012 -- 8pm -- Night out somewhere
TUESDAY -- Day 8
12 Jan 2012 -- REST DAY
13 Jan 2012 -- 5:00pm -- BRUNEI vs MONGOLIA --  3.5 - 2
                                  -- MONGOLIA vs CHINA --  6 - 2.5
                                  -- BRUNEI vs CHINA --  4 - 2
THURSDAY -- Day 10
14 Jan 2012 -- 4:30pm -- 1st Group A THAILAND vs PHILIPPINES --  7 - 4
14 Jan 2012 -- 5:30pm --  2nd Group A INDONESIA vs INDONESIA --  6 - 5
14 Jan 2012 -- 8pm -- Night out somewhere
FRIDAY -- Day 11
15 Jan 2012 -- REST DAY
SATURDAY -- Day 12
16 Jan 2012 -- 4:30pm -- SUBSIDIARY ROUN ROBIN for BRONZE (3rd Place) -- PHILIPPINES vs BRUNEI vs MALAYSIA --  Philippines wins by penalty shoot out
16 Jan 2012 -- 6:00pm --  FINAL (winners on Day 10) for GOLD -- THAILAND vs INDONESIA --  7.5 - 1
16 Jan 2012 -- 8pm -- Gala Dinner

On 13 Jan 2016 -- Indonesia defeated Malaysia in the final 20 seconds of play to claim a spot in the ALL ASIA CUP FINAL. It was level at 5 all with very heated play back and forth, when the Malaysian team fouled Indonesia in front of their goal. Novel took the 30 yard penalty and converted to take the game. Previously, Thailand had defeated Philippines in a brilliant game of polo which saw Khun Top shoot almost 100% on penalties and very inspirational play from the Garcia brothers and very spirited play from the young Antonio Veloso. The Third Position Bronze will be played out in a Round Robin match between BRUNEI, MALAYSIA and PHILIPPINES. The exciting fact about the final is that Thailand won the All Asia Cup in 2012 and Indonesia won in 2014, so this will be a tremendous battle to see which country reigns supreme in Asia Polo. Don't miss it.


The Final on Saturday 16 Jan 2016 was amazing. Thailand was on fire. From the first mark, they took the game straight to the Indonesians. This was retribution for 2014 and Thailand was going to deliver. Goal after goal the Thais controlled the game and kept Indonesia from converting a single goal. Indonesia was visibly rattled and could not get the confidence to hit the ball or execute on the few opportunities they had. They did score a single goal in the final chukka. Both teams demonstrated excellent sportsmanship, and this year it was Thailand's turn to reign supreme on the field. Due to rain the previous night, we were not able to play out the match for Bronze. Many people were confident that Brunei was in excellent position to claim the Third place. However, the decision was to be by Penalty Shoot out due to a wet field. Malaysia, Brunei and Philippines took to the field. Each player from each team took turns hitting from the 30 and then the 40. Then each team could take 2 hits from the 60 yard line. PHILIPPINES did not miss a single shot. Mikee Romero was over the moon with excitement and the Garcia brothers and Antonio Veloso were on form. It was a solid victory for Philippines to claim the Bronze. Malaysia took Forth place by a single goal. The Gala Party following the final was second to none. Illuminated Lucitanos dancing contortionists and horses and equestrian acrobatics in the tent with guests feasting on a delicious 4 course dinner.

Thailand on "Top Form" this year for All Asia Cup Final -- Umpires Chris and Howard from Cowdray and Guards HPA in UK

"Banana Power" -- Indonesia Team feasting on bananas before their semi-final match against Malaysia

Mikee Romero and Philippines Team "All Smiles" as they capture Bronze Medal in Penalty Shoot Out and score 8 straight goals.

Budriz and Malaysia Team celebrate their first appearance in the All Asia Cup and we look forward to polo in SEA Games 2017 in Malaysia

Khun Vichai asks Prince Jefri how many goals KINGS CUP 2017 should be -- he answers 18-19 goals.
BRUNEI and PHILIPPINES already confirm they will be back for KINGS CUP 2017

The High Goal Players from Polo Escape were on the scene at ALL ASIA CUP 2016


KOREA TEAM (2 goals) -- J.B. Lee (+1) / David Ko (+1) / James Lee (0) / Jerry Kwak (0). Alternate: Tim Chang (-1).
INDONESIA TEAM (4 goals) -- Novel Alpha Momongan (+2) / Billy Barsel Lumintang (+1) / Acep Krisnandar (+1) / Glendy Buyung (0).
PHILIPPINES TEAM (3 goals) -- Adrian Garcia (+2) / Mikee Romero (0) / Tonio Veloso (+1) / Andrew Garcia (0) / Alex Vecinal (0) / Coach: Anthony Garcia.
MALAYSIA TEAM (4 goals) -- Syed Budriz (0) / Saladin Mazlan (+3) / Zubir Selamat (+2) / Anil Abraham (-1).
MONGOLIA TEAM (3 goals) -- D’Artagnan (1) / Uune (1) / Uuga (1) / Palam (0) / Mamuna (0) / Doda (-1) / Rintsen (-1) / Ich Tenger (0)
THAILAND TEAM (3 goals) -- Nat (2) / Top (1) / Tal (0) / Tsu (0) / Reserve: Bung (0).
BRUNEI TEAM -- HRH Prince Jefri (0) / HRH Princess Azemah (0) / HRH Prince Marteen (-1) / HH Prince Bahar (1) / HH Prince Qawi (-1) / Tawil / Farid (0)
CHINA TEAM -- Shilai Liu (1) / Nan Liu (0) / Baoyin (?) / E Li (?) / Xiangyang Liu (?)

This is Mongolia's third appearance in the All Asia Cup. They finished with a Bronze Medal in the first All Asia Cup in 2012 with a command performance defeating China in the Subsidiary Final. This year, we have a blow by blow reportage on the progress of our Mongolian friends by Ang Thsering Lama.
06 JAN 2016 -- Sending you all a little update on our first game at the All Asia Cup yesterday. We had our first match against the host country Thailand and we knew it would be a tough match for us and gave it our best but couldn’t beat their strong team. We went into the opening chukker with high energy and scored two quick goals within two minutes of the first chukker. Both the goals were scored by D’Artagnan in a fast paced race starting from the center field. The two quick goals left the crowd and the spectators quiet as this was not expected from the young Mongolian team. However, in the second half of the first chukker the Thai team regrouped, changed their strategy and scored three goals to take the lead. Unfortunately for us, all three goals were penalties from the thirty yard line. In the second chukker, the Thai team quickly managed to get a few more fouls from us and scored two more goals as a result. This left the team a bit demoralized and lost in some way and we struggled to keep up with the growing gap in the score board. Going into the half time break, the score was 6-2 for Thailand. We took the break to recuperate and rethink our own strategy in the field and went it to the third chukker with a different gameplay and managed to score one goal, make no fouls and let the Thai team only score a goal bringing the score to 7-3. The last chukker again was for Thailand with them getting yet another 30 yard penalty goal and two more goals to bring the score to 10-3 when the final bell rang. This was definitely a tough match for our team but we have taken the time to reflect and look back at our plays and strategies and plan better for our next match later this evening against Malaysia. We are still staying hopeful and positive after a hard opening and ready to give our best for the next matches to come. Keep you all updated on today’s game in the next email.
07 JAN 2016 -- Our second match against the Malaysian team was very intense from the start of the first throw in until the very last second of the game. Both of the teams played extremely well- D’Artagnan led the Mongolian team and gave the Malaysian Tigers a run for their money. This has been the most closely contested match this All Asia Cup leaving the crowds on the edge of their seat until the final second. Since the Malaysians were a higher handicap team, we started the first chukker with a half goal advantage but the Malaysians were quick to score a goal and take the lead. However, D’Artagnan quickly returned the favor and scored a beautiful goal to pump up the Mongolians and the spectators. We ended the first chukker with a score of 3 and 2 and a half. Going into the second chukker, we made a few errors in the heat of the game and gave out penalties that resulted in goals for the Malaysians. Our team, however managed to score a few goals and was always on the tail of the Malaysians to take the lead which we eventually did in the third quarter with some strategic plays and goals bringing the score to 7 and a half and 7 for us. The final chukker was tough, the Malaysian number 4 and captain Saladin came in strong and scored a goal in the the first play giving his team a lead of half goal. The second throw in also was no different, they quickly added one more goal widening the gap in the score. We also made some good plays and attempts but under pressure and the rush the young players’ attempts were just a little bit off target. Both the teams were giving their best by this point and in the last minute the Malaysians scored yet another goal bringing the final score to 10 and 7 and a half. This was an intense and exhilarating match to watch. Our boys played very well as a team and was congratulated for the notable performance against a much stronger opponent. D’Artagnan scored a total of 5 goals in the match, Uugaa and Palam scored one each. Even after a tough loss, the team was proud of their performance and was applauded by everyone for being the most improved team returning to the All Asia Cup. Our next match later today is with South Korea, an important match to win for us to advance ahead. Staying focused and positive- keep you all updated on the results.
08 JAN 2016 -- Yesterday, Thursday the 7th, after two hard games the Mongol team has finally scored a win against South Korea. It was a fun friendly match played against J.B. Lee and his team who trained and played with us over the summer at the Genghis Khan Polo Camp and who also had invited us to play at his club in Korea last September. In the first two chukkers, we quickly scored goals to take a comfortable lead over the South Koreans who was struggling a bit to keep up with the young blood and the pace we were attacking with. D'Artagnan led his team yet again with another stellar performance and scored 6 goals in the first half alone. Going into the half time the score was 8 for us and half goal for the Koreans. Trying to keep it rather light and friendly, D'Artagnan decided to mount our B team players, Doda (girl 17), Ich Tenger (20) and Rintsen (15), making a group of the youngest team to ever play at the All Asia Cup. However, this young team had very much to prove as well, specially Doda, who scored three goals in the second half widening the score gap even more. Being the sweetheart of the All Asia Cup, the crowd cheered and supported her every single play and screamed even louder with each goal. She was the first girl to ever participate in the All Asia Cup two years ago and now she was here leading her team to a great win. D'Artagnan scored one more goal in the last chukker bringing the final score to 12 to 1 and a half for the Mongols. This game also had a show of true sportsmanship and friendship when one of the Korean players fell off and injured himself, we lent one of our best players Uugaa to play with the other team keeping the friendly match going. Overall, it was a good game and a much needed win to advance to the next rounds. We now patiently wait and watch the B group play to find our next opponent. Keep you all updated on the result.

Korea and Mongolia Teams showing good sportsmanship on and off the field -- Mongolia hosted Korea at the Genghis Khan Polo Club this past summer.


Anytime a new gaucho is born, we organize a Birthday Cup. Khun Lucas has announced that he will be bringing a new gaucho into the world in late January. This calls for a spontaneous Birthday Cup to be attended by all and sundry in celebration. We are not sure where the impending gaucho is at them moment -- perhaps in Russia -- but to be sure, it will be an event not to miss. Not only that... James Bean in Hong Kong has timed perfectly to launch his new gaucho in January as well. It will be a DOUBLE BIRTHDAY CUP.

It was an unforgettable victory for Chris Strafford. As the founder of elephant polo in Thailand, Chris has given selflessly to the game of elephant polo around the world, but this was the first time in Elephant Polo History that he has ever lifted a championship trophy and what a trophy it was -- The 2015 World Elephant Polo Trophy -- in the jungles of Chitwan, Nepal. Teammate, Peter Prentice, said "It's so fabulous for Chris and he is utterly thrilled. He played superbly at back, very reliable when under attack and did what he had to do. Hardly let in any goals and could not have won without him. we had 8 teams in total of which 6 were good, including Gal OYA Lodge from Sri lanka - the new lodge set up by Tim Edwards and Sagjay Choegyal, very much in the pioneering spirit of AVJE." No doubt, this will put Stafford on very good form for the Thailand King's Cup Elephant Polo Tournament coming next year in Thailand. Stay tuned for more elephant polo news.

The All Stars in Green were a Tour De Force in the Opening tournament at SPP this past weekend. Khun Top and Khun Tal were suddenly dispatched to China and were unable to assist the Power Team. Khun Anil teamed up with Lucas, Kukin and Ploy and their awesome prowess on the field from day one set the tone for the tournament. Khun Edward was determined to thwart the green team as he went head to head with Khun Lucas, but it just was not enough. Power team called in veteran player Eric Barthe for day two. Eric was back on the field after his Purple Heart injury suffered in Korea in service to the Black Dog team. He streaked towards goal in the opening minutes and scored a goal for Power team and mounting a serious challenge in the final match. Nat and Bung played very well and Tsu even joined the Power team with his recuperating leg. At the final bell, the Underdogs lifted the Coconut for last place. Power team was in second place by only one goal in a very exciting final against All Stars, and when the dust settled, the All Stars lifted the SPP CUP for 2015. Khun Anil was pleased with his teams victory as he has been practicing hard for his Malaysian Team to tune his performance for the ALL ASIA CUP 2016. This will be the first year that Malaysia has a team in the All Asia Cup. This year, 8 teams have confirmed and we are still waiting to hear from India. Khun Ronnie's Singapore team has dropped out.

The ALL STARS win the 2015 SPP CUP season opener (photos by Narong) -- Edward Surges for the Underdogs -- Doctor Wan new vet from Chiangmai at VRSC

ALL STARS (green)


UNDER DOGS (orange)

The unbelievable news is that SPP PATTAYA is up and running again. SPP PATTAYA was the first polo field in Thailand. This is where it all began before 2003, and after many years, it is now opening again thanks to the generous support and patronage of Khun Vichai and King Power. We were there on 20 Nov as Polo Manager Lucas and head gaucho Santiago were schooling horses, and the scene was breathtaking. Khun Aor was finishing the final touches on a beautiful refurbished clubhouse. The field was shimmering green and the view from the clubhouse steps across to the hills was spectacular. This is truly one of the most beautiful polo clubs in the world. This year, the SPP PATTAYA club will be available for beginner instruction and for some relaxed tournaments. There are 40 horses in the stables and Khun Lucas has been given open hand by Khun Vichai to use the club at his discretion for the benefit of our polo friends in Asia. Lucas has confirmed that there will be no tournament at SPP PATTAYA on 27 and 28 November, but he will be organizing one soon. Come and see this magnificent place. Organize a stick and ball session with Khun Aor at SPP PATTAYA --

Kuhn Mikee has announced that he will have the annual global port tournament Feb 18-21 in manila PHILIPPINES. He has invited the King Power Jauggernaut team to spice up the tournament and keep the momentum from last year's success

Khun Russell's Yabba Dabba Doo polo team has been on the run behind enemy lines in Argentina. Under the command of gaucho Antonino Menard from VR Polo in Thailand and with lateral support from Arthur Fitswilliam from Hong Kong and Mat Lodder who won both Queens Cup and Gold Cup on a team with Cambiaso 10 years ago, the team has weathered their first tournament. The next tournament on the calender for YDD team will be the 12 goal at Puesto Viejo and the team will be joined by VR gaucho Santiago Lujan. Stay tuned as we bring you the blow by blow of this intrepid team from the depths of down below.

Indonesia hosted the BRITISH POLO DAY with a special display of indigenous equine talent on a remote island East of Bali. The Sumbanese are excellent riders and the Sumbanese pony is agile and strong. This was the first time that polo was played on an international level on Indonesian Sumbanese ponies. The idea was the brainchild of James McBride and Chris Burch from USA. Some of us know James from the Elephant Polo field in Thailand. They have created the beautiful Nihiwatu Resort on the island of Sumba -- -- and polo is the perfect venue to invite friends to see their creation. For more information email --

The go od news is that Polo Escape has submitted their polo season proposed schedule to the TPA. It is normal procedure for Polo Associations around the world to help with planning the polo schedule, so that there are no conflicting tournaments. The TPA has asked Khun Robin to change a few of her dates, and she has done this. We have also been given the polo dates for B.Grimm Thai Polo by Khun Santi, so this should help everybody to work together to participate and enjoy the sport of polo in Thailand.
2016 Thailand Polo Schedule (in progress).

There is no pause for SPP giants Edward Batchelor and Russell Tyre. They were on form in UK. Russell and Ed teamed up with Sean Wilson , James Lucas, local Tidworth two goalers. James, ex UK coach, was playing under Cormix banner, and the team was seen as the underdogs. However, the VR stalwarts, were to have none of that and simply won the final 6/5 in a nail-biting match. 3 goals from Russell as he was on fire and honored to serve for long-standing teammate Ed and support better concrete for the world.

2015 is definitely the Year of the Fox. King Power has taken the Triple Crown -- The King's Cup in Thailand, The Queens Cup in England, and now the British Open Gold Cup. Khun Top was on Top form. He punched two goals, did a front flip somersault over, then under, his horse, and then crushed UAE in the final of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup at Cowdray Park on Sunday. It was not easy though. There was a moment, when UAE was down by 2 goals, and Pablo MacDonough brought the ball downfield for UAE and missed a goal. That would have brought the score to only 1 goal difference, and perhaps changed the momentum of the game, but it was not UAE's day, and King Power pressed the afterburner and powered to a 14-8 victory. It was an amazing run for the King Power Foxes in the English season with a lot of lateral support from King Power Tal as well, so congratulations to a very fine victory. Dato Link and the Thai Polo Club team had a slow start, losing 4 games, but they pulled out a solid victory against La Indiana in their final Gold Cup match to finish on a high note. All around, the Gold Cup was a magnificent display for Thailand polo. Congratulations to all.

Three women's teams and four men's teams took part in a very successful So! Dalian Beach Polo in Dalian, China. The event takes place amidst an array of splendidly erected facades of French, Swiss and English architecture in this very fast growing part of Northern China. The Men's polo was riveted by the appearance of the Metropolitan Goldin Polo team from Tianjin with local player Arthur Lim drawing all the attention. Arthur and William showed the tremendous progress of Chinese polo players and Goldin Polo Manager John Fisher dazzled the spectators with shots from all corners. The Final between Air France and Goldin Metro was a splendid match. Singaporean stalwarts Gerry Gan and Stijn Welkers held off the Goldin Great Wall for as long as they could, but Goldin won the day. In the women's division, it was Shangri-La with the powerful twins Lu and Alice together with a stunning performance from Liana who carried the trophy for the women's division. We saw a strong performance from the USA women's team the Patriots, and the Tattinger Team in orange was voted the best spirited team. The Beach Polo is held in the sands next to the marina and the artificial Champs Elysees. This year's highlight was the splendid team dinner at La Riviera Restaurant next to Shangri-La and the synchronized Bush Diving by a quartette of inebriated polistas in the very early hours of the morning. This year was such a success that we are sure we will hear from our dear Heather Gu and Natalie again -- -- Latest info -- Heather Gu +86 13816727373

Tianjin Goldin (Mauro Gomes, John Fisher, Arthur Lim, William Lim) -- Shangri-La Ladies (Louisa Hutton, Alice Hutton, Liana)

Just because the King's Cup Elephant Polo was cancelled for 2015, that did not stop Ed Story from assembling all guards for a pachydermian display in Surin. The event was called the Elephant Story Invitational Elephant Polo Tournament. Four teams participated in the event -- Citibank, ToleHouse Chameleons (Simon Race, Katja, and Tom Fontaine from WEPA days), Sara Story Design, and The Elephant Story (also known as "Rueang Chang"). A substantial portion of the sponsorship fees are slated to be returned to projects in the primary and secondary schools in Moo Baan Chang, which is home to 200 elephants and the mahout families. Ed has a native English speaker teaching in that village and there are plans to expand the educational program in the future. If you are an enthusiast of Elephant Polo, then don't miss --


It was 7 chukkas sudden death when Top backed to Facundo and score for 11-10 victory over Dubai. Cambiaso was replaced by Pablo Macdonough and they were leading for most of the match, but King Power seemed to want it more and captured their first ever Cartier Queens Cup. In fact, it was a Double Victory for King Power as earlier in the day, King Power Tal defeated Salkeld in a 7th chukka sudden death with Khun Tal scoring the Golden Goal to capture the Cartier Trophy, so both Cartier Cups were captured on the day to return to Thailand for a year. The Queen was on hand to present the prizes to the teams and Khun Tal was standing very close to her for the inclusive teams photo. A glorious day for King Power Top and King Power Tal and Khun Vichai who was over the moon on this "dream come true" day of days.

Semi-Final Action saw King Power Foxes, with Gonzalito and Facundo Pieres, narrowly defeated Talandracas, with Polito Pieres and Guillermo Caset. And then Dubai, with Adolfo Cambiaso defeated in extra chukker the UAE team, with Pablo Mac Donough and Lucas Monteverde. What an unbelievable match with Cambiaso injured at the end of the second chukka and replaced by Guillermo Caset, who scored the golden goal that gave the victory to Dubai. It just doesn't get more exciting than this, so the Final will be at 3pm Guards Polo Club. King Power Foxes vying for the Queens Cup against Dubai with Cambiaso. Old friends, yes, but remember Cambiaso took out King Power last year in the Gold Cup final. But, last year, there were not two Pieres brothers on the King Power team. This guarantees to be an exciting final. Watch it live -- 3pm UK time -- and

Korea Polo Club has been very busy in June. From 6-7 June, We saw the first "Hong Kong Challenge Cup" in Jeju. The pioneering Hong Kong Team (2 goals) was composed of Patrick Furlong 2, Jonathan Gabler 1, Russell Tyre 0, and Kwan Lo -1. They were met full force by two Korean teams -- namely, KOREA BMW (3 goals) with Tommy, David, James, Jerry and KOREA ROYAL SALUTE (2 goals) with Marlon, J.B., Y.J., and Tim. The Hong Kong team was strong from the start and better organized than the Korean teams. The result was disaster for Korea, as Hong Kong glided to victory in their first Korean competition. JB made a special note that the Hong Kong player Jonathan had visited Korea many times and knew the horses better than others, so he was awarded MVP of the match. In the interest of fair play, Korean Polo Club allocated "Pro" horses by draw and this was warmly welcomed by the Hong Kong team who were impressed by the fair play and warm hospitality of Korea Polo Club. 

The Hong Kong polo team exploded onto the scene with a 7-6 victory over Singapore at the Singapore Polo Club. The Hong Kong Polo Challenge Cup was a 2-day, 4-chukkas per day (8 chukkas total) match with the cumulative score of both days used to determine the overall winner. The team line-ups remained the same on both days. On Day 1, Hong Kong Polo Team 7 Singapore Polo Club 3 and on Day 2 (only 1 chukka played) Hong Kong Polo Team 0 Singapore Polo Club 3, so the AGGREGATE SCORE left Hong Kong Polo Team 7 and Singapore Polo Club 6. The MVP was Patrick Furlong (Hong Kong Polo Team) with 6 goals. Singapore player Juan Martin (Singapore Polo Club) also scored 6 goals. The next stop for Hong Kong polo team will be KOREA to face J.B. Lee and the Korea Polo Country Club (Proposed date 30-31 May).

This is the big question... Malaysia is hosting the SEA Games in 2017. Malaysia is one of the leading polo-playing countries in Southeast Asia, so will they be including polo in their SEA Games venue for 2017. The first time polo was included in the SEA Games was in 2007 in Thailand. Malaysia received the Gold Medal in that event with the Bronze going to Thailand. If there is polo in the SEA Games in 2017, will Thailand be ready to go for the gold. Is it possible that Malaysia will send a team to the ALL ASIA CUP in 2016 in preparation to the SEA Games... many many exciting questions. Let's see what happens.

This was exciting news on Jeju island off the Southern tip of Korea, Korean polo took a giant leap forward and the sport was designated as an Exhibition sport in the 95th Korean National Sports Festival. There were 4 teams on the field -- Seoul, Gyunggi, Jeju, and Overseas Singapore. These teams competed valiantly with a host of ladies on the field. The exciting conclusion saw Seoul defeat Overseas Singapore 4-3 in the final to capture the Gold. The Korean team has been improving steadily and we hope we will see them on the field this season in Thailand.

Our friend Torrey has shared the exciting news that Hong Kong is finally getting serious about polo and will be launching their own team into the Asian polo scene. November will see their fledgling team at the B.Grimm Thai Polo Club with an official launch of the HK Polo  Team at Boujis (Hong Kong) on 5 December. The ultimate goal is to have a proper polo club in Hong Kong, but then again, Rome wasn't build in a day... for more info --

King Power wins Kings Cup Elephant Polo 201428-31 AUG 2014 -- KING POWER WINS KING'S CUP ELEPHANT POLO
It was perhaps the worst King's Cup Elephant Polo we have ever had. The rain was torrential, and the field was a swamp. Games were cancelled; penalty shootouts were endless. The high heels sunk deep into the mud, yet the spirits were indomitable.16 teams from all over the world were determined to have fun, so the party went on in the tents, led by Hong Kong's vivacious Louis Roederer team. The final day saw PWC All Blacks, The Peninsula, Audemars-Piguet, and King Power into the semi-finals. The Final came down to a penalty shootout between King Power and Powerhouse Audemars-Piguet. It was a very nailbiting shootout with Angad Kalaan missing a shot in the first round, then Khun Bung missing. The second round, Khun Nat hit the post. Uday Kalaan pulled right, Marc Williams topped it. All breaths were held as Khun Bung drove the final ball through for King Power and King Power captured its second Kings Cup Victory. This year NBC Nightly News captured the action, and the total amount raised for Thailand's Elephants now exceeds US$1 million raised through Elephant Polo.
SEEDINGS (Subject to Change based on submission of Horse Polo Handicaps of new teams and TEPA decision)
1 - Audemars Piguet - Oliviero Bottinelli, Uday Kalaan, Angad Kalaan, Michael Goodwin
2 - Kingpower Duty Free - Tom Claytor, Nattapong Pratumlee, Sathit Wongkraso
3 - Ruang Chang - Ed Story, Jason Friedman, Taweesak Keereekaew, Prakorn Saejaew
4 - Peninsula Bangkok - Sangjay Choegyl, Mark Hogberg, Tarik Stafford, Tim Edwards
5 - BBL - David Wildridge, James McBride, Alexander de Lisle
6 - Arabian - Wael Soueid, Steve Thompson, Stuart Allen, Kristin Grube
7 - CDD - Stijn Wilkers, Ali Reda, Gerry Gan, Mario Aguado
8 - JW Blue Label - Chris Stafford, Bjorn Richardson, Rikard Hogberg, Robyn Lourvanij
9 - Mercedes Benz - Leon Chu, Wee Tiong Han, Cameron Humphries
10 - PWC All Blacks - Paul Stitt, Charles Reichelman, Olo Brown, Bernie Fraser
11 - Anantara Ladies - Lars Kerfin, Carolyn Syangbo, Chitra Hepburn, Lucy Monro, Stine Edwards
12 - Sara Story Design - Sara Story, Katie Story, Taksenai Muentip, Todd Joyce, Chad Wold
13 - Citibank - Darren Buckley, Prab Thakral, Tim Beaumont, Tim Fontaine, Wanvisa Komindr
14 - Mekhong - Rob Mullis, Frank Constant, Cindy & Bryon Bishop, Jan Andersson
15 - William Grant & Son - Erik Anderson, Matthew Ma, Methinee Kingpayame & Husband, Farn Sriratthana
16 - Hong Kong - Rob Derry * player list and polo handicaps will potentially send this team way up the list.



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