Taxi from Bangkok direct to


Khun Toy speaks fluent English. He is very happy to meet you in Bangkok or to pick you up on arrival at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. He can drive you directly to the SIAM POLO PARK or VS POLO CLUB. The "one way" trip cost from a Bangkok Hotel (near Sukhumvit) is 800 Baht (appx US$25) and from Suvarnabhumi Airport direct to Polo Club is 1,200 Baht (approx US$40). The trip from Bangkok to Siam Polo Park takes about 40 minutes and from the airport is about 20 minutes. Khun Toy can meet you at the terminal as you leave Immigration. He will have a sign with your name and flight number on it (after you have emailed this information to him). He checks his email every day. If you want him to wait at the polo club and take you back to Bangkok the same day, then he will charge you a bit more per hour that he waits at the polo club. Khun Toy also has an 8 person air-conditioned VAN for hire at 2,500 Baht per day (not including fuel). Sometimes, you can find a cheaper taxi by meter, but you may have communication problems, and he may not know how to find the polo club. Khun Toy can also take you to Polo Escape or to Thai Polo Club, but the cost is more expensive. Maps to the polo clubs are on the top of --


Call Khun Toy Mobile: 089-764-9732.
International: 66+897649732.

Email Khun Toy in advance (he checks his email every day)