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May 2005

Volume III - Issue 1.

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Khun Top has informed us that King Power Polo Team will play in the ROYAL BERKSHIRE CUP (12 goal) in May 2005.

Polo Sunset during the Gold Cup at King Power Polo Field

Khun Vichai and Khun TukPOLO VISION
"What you want to do, do it today! Don't wait for tomorrow." Khun Vichai embraces this philosophy for his polo as well as his work style. The new King Power Polo Field is the second polo field in Thailand, and the plan is to build two more fields in Chiang Mai and Khao Yai. "We want to have polo at the Thailand S.E.A. Games in 2007, so we need at least two polo fields." Khun Vichai has been putting considerable effort into introducing the game to Thai people. "Right now, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines have polo teams with all national players (possibly also Hong Kong and Indonesia), but Malaysia and Singapore have been playing polo for over hundred years. Polo in Thailand has only been revived over the past seven years, so we have to work harder. The more fields we have, the more choice, and we can get more Thai players." Already, Thai people are starting to understand the game more; they are less shy, and they understand it is not dangerous. "The key," says Vichai, "is to have good horses and to take care." Khun Vichai now has over 80 horses imported from Argentina. These horses are specially bred and trained for the polo. This year there were 2 beginners tournaments, and everybody has been very surprised that over 9 Thai women have taken up the game. The King Power Polo Field is only 25 minutes from central Bangkok (Sukhumvit) and only 15 minutes from the new Bangkok Airport. This summer a group of Thai players will play in England then spend two months playing in Argentina before returning to Thailand for the opening of next season in November. Vichai also plans to host a Cartier Cup at his new field for the next three years - possibly 12 goals or higher. We asked Khun Vichai about his win at Songkran Cup this year, and he said, "it was a good game and just for fun, but it is a cup that you don't want to lose!"
Gustavo Yanez - "el primer gaucho en Tailandia"

Many people know the Gaucho from his homeland of Argentina. There he leads a romantic, but solitary, life - alone on the Pampas, with his mate and his horses. What many people don't realize is that sometimes the Gaucho ventures off, across the horizon, seeking distant lands and new adventures. He is powered only by his dreams for the wild horse and the open cancha. He is heroic in his quest. Such has been La Historia for the Gaucho - Cabeza Grande. The Cabeza is known by many names. Some people know him as "La Topadora," but most will recall him as Gustavo Yañez from the small Argentine town of Villa Dolores. When his journey began, he did not know where Thailand was, nor did he realize that in this distant Oriental land, he would become "El Primer Gaucho en Tailandia." Gustavo arrived in Thailand in 1999 when he was 28 years old. There were 14 horses, 12 polo players and not a single polo field. Today, there are 120 horses from Argentina, 30 polo players, 2 polo clubs with 2 more coming, and more than 30 gauchos have played here - including Adolfo Cambiaso, Lolo Castagnola and Sebastian Harriot. In Argentina, the gaucho drinks mate and drives the cows, but in Thailand, the gaucho plays polo everyday. This has put an incredible strain on the Gauchos who have worked here, and Cabeza has witnessed the many unique Gaucho-Thai Traditions that have evolved - such as "the yegua nueva hair-cutting ceremony," "the compleaños face-signing," "the doma on the caballo mechanico," and perhaps the most famous of all - "the Expedition sin capincho." Some Gauchos have not survived. Some have become buscado in their homeland, but for Cabeza, he has been able to make a dream come true and to realize one of the most important refrans of all - "that the work outlives the worker." Now as Polo Manager for the new King Power Polo Club, he has set his sights on Thailand winning the S.E.A. games in 2007. "After that, I can retire," he says, "and I hope they will invite me back."

The King Power Gold Cup was an outstanding success this year, and there was also a King Power Junior Gold Cup for the beginning polo players in Thailand. Ali from Dubai joined Khun Vichai's team in a surprise shuffle to lead the King Power team to victory. Of course, Cabeza Grande was there too, and Khun Top was on fine form to put the ball in the goal. The runners-up were Dubai, with very strong performances by Najib and Jamie Woodward. Pepperoni and Bumbo shut the back door for Dubai, and the Pacific Way team could not make a dent. Junior Gold Cup action saw a surprise victory for new-comer polo team Kuppa. Jaime provided much amusement teaming up against Khun An from BIG polo team. It was a fun game to watch and everyone played well.

Cabeza Grande and Khun Ploy

Khun Vichai and Jamie Woodward at full speed

Bumbo with Las Chicas

Amigo Tsu con toda furia!

Khun Vichai and Ali

Niphon as secret weapon on BIG

The real excitement at the Gold Cup this year was the new clubhouse. Khun Vichai has been working very hard along with the staff at King Power to finish the new polo grounds and clubhouse at the King Power Sports Club. The clubhouse is amazing, and the exciting addition to this tournament was to wander through the rooms of the new clubhouse and look out on the polo field. There is even a "control tower" which looks out over the field.

Mimi teaching tactics to the gauchos

Getting ready for the Asado

Die Einglander

KUPPA and BIG polo teams

Trabajando Asado


It has been a long time since we have seen this cup - sometimes rained out and sometimes un equipo tienne miedo. The last team that won was Khun Aktanai's team several years ago, but the cup is back! This is Thailand's friendly cup. It started out with just members and no professionals, but as Thai polo players like Khun Top and Khun Robin and Khun Suzy have been improving, the competition has become more fierce, so now the gauchos have to play. This year, there will be three men's teams and two beginner teams. We are seeing the return of a lot of old polo faces for this cup. Jamie Woodward will be playing with Pepperoni alongside Pascual and Najib for Dubai. Cabeza Grande and Ali will be supporting Khun Vichai and Khun Top for King Power and the famous Thai polo player Eric Butter will be taking to the field with Khun Aktanai, Khun Tom and Khun Marco for the Pacific Way team. The tournament will be held Saturday and Sunday 23-24 April 2005, and you will see a host of Siamese lady polo players like Mimi, Ploy and many more!
One of the most entertaining tournaments in Thailand is the annual Songkran Cup. King Power has won this cup for the past 3 years in a row. April is the hottest month of the year in Thailand, and the Songkran holiday is very important for Thai people as they take to the streets to throw water on each other to celebrate the Thai New Year. This year the Songkran Tournament was held at the new King Power Sports Club. This was the first tournament to be held on the new field and King Power celebrated by claiming its fourth victory in a row with a solid 8-2 win in a game of very exciting play and much tension.
The reason for the tension is that this Songkran Cup is not an ordinary Cup. It is much larger than normal polo cups, and it is filled with very cold ice water. At the end of the game, the winning team has the honor of presenting the contents of the Songkran Cup to the losing team which is lying prostrate on the ground. This year King Power's Khun Top was playing with a one finger handicap - having injured his finger just before the game. The gaucho team had recruited Coach Nelio Pieroni from Argentina - "El padre de el campion de la vida" - to help guide them through to victory, but it was not to happen. The combined force of Khun Vichai's accurate shots on goal with La Topadora Gustavo and "Bumbo" Pascual on defense completely flattened the Gauchos. Pepperoni's father, Coach Nelio, proclaimed "mi equipo flojo y no huevos!" Khun Tuk presented the smaller Songkran Cups to all the players.
After the excitement on the polo field, the gauchos retired to Bangkok. Khun Robin hosted a delicious birthday party for Pepperoni and the Gauchos at Kuppa restaurant. The gauchos in Thailand have many unique traditions that have evolved over the years. When you are about to get married, your teammates give you a haircut (one that your bride certainly does not approve of), and when you have a birthday, your teammates help you celebrate by signing your face. Pepperoni's father, Nelio, looked on in horror as all the gauchos took their permanent black ink pens and began signing his son's face, but then he joined too and signed his son's face in true Thailand Gaucho tradition. Nelio Pieroni is one of the greatest fans of Siam Polo News, and this is his first trip to Thailand. He told us that it is another world over here and that the East is totally different. He loves the new King Power Sports Club and is very proud of what his son has accomplished. Nelio has many Refrans, but with reference to Pepperoni, he told us, "un padre que da consejos mas que padre es un amigo."

Mr. Han Wee is the new president of the Singapore Polo Club. He was very honored that Thailand had invited Singapore to participate in the 2005 King's Cup and he is hoping that Thailand will let Singapore return the honor by coming to visit and play in Singapore. "Good of you to drop by. Your web page was interesting and informative. I liked it a lot. I look forward to more exchanges between our clubs especially on a more personal level, so that we can promote and raise polo to a new level in Asia. Let all our Polo friends in Thailand know that they will always be welcome here to visit. Should they wish to play, please let us have advance notice. Let Vichai know that we will be glad to mount his team for a friendly anytime after Cartier or possibly even mid May. Just give me a call at 65-68543999." - Han

Siam Ladies practicing for the KING POWER GOLD CUP to be held 23-24 April 2005 at the NEW King Power Polo Field.
Picture given to Khun Bib by his Polo Friends

The Finals - Mercedes Cup

Que Gaucho

Los Hermanos Yanez

Woman's Polo team was victorious against the Burberry team. This is the first time that a Siamese Woman's polo team has ever won any match. Previously, they always end in a tie. "Not this time!" said the gaucho Pepperoni. We are going to "pone la bocha en el arco con todas las letras." That they did. The Occitane team had a very exciting match and it was very entertaining for the spectators. The Kasikorn Bank Men's team posed for a picture to celebrate victory before their match with Siemens. Siemens won by one goal in a very enjoyable game to watch that was tie until the final moments. Everyone played very well, especially Federico Rosales "la armora secreta" with a surprise visit from Polo Angel Khun Yam to cheer him on. Below, you can see the very exciting activities from opening the new King Power Polo and Sports Club which has recently opened very close to the new airport. Khun Vichai got the first goal at his new club, and the field we hear is amazing.

L'Occitane and Kasikorn Bank teams

The Gaucha dance to open the New King Power Polo Field
Doble Sentido...

Gaucho Tricks.
Gaucho Dance

Getting ready for polo at King Power Polo Field - first game!
New Polo Field Opening!

Kuppa Polo Horse Swimming Expedition

Los Ladrones en Action

Ladies of Siam Polo

Robin Goes for the Hook

This coming Saturday 26 February 3:00PM at Siam Polo Park, we will see an exciting match for the Mercedes Cup. The two teams will consist of Khun Vichai and "Cambiaso" Top with the Cabeza Grande brothers, La Topadora and his brother Sergio straight in from Villa Delores. The other team will have Mr. Link and Mr. Omsin with the one and only Bach-A-Mann and a fourth secret weapon to be kept secret. This is not all. There will also be a very entertaining ladies exhibition match with two teams of Siamese polo ladies in the very capable hands of the Nicolas Pepperoni Pieroni and Marco Focaccia. Never in the history of ladies polo in Siam has any ladies team ever won a match. Every match has always ended in a tie, so we will see if one of these teams will actually win this match, or if it will be yet another tie. The excitement and tension is unbearable! The proceeds of this tournament will benefit the educational project of H.R.H. The Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. Guests are welcome to join the Buffet Lunch in the Air Conditioned Tent at 12:00 noon. There will be music by the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra and a Mercedes-Benz car show. The opening speech will be delivered by Air Vice Marshal Kamthon Sindhvananda at 3:00PM followed by Ladies Polo and then the Main Event. There will be exciting commentation by Siam Polo General Manager Khun Niphon and another mystery commentator. This will be the game of the year with Cabeza Grande Brothers up against the Bach-A-Mann. Fireworks in the evening after polo. Don't miss it! If you have any questions, call the Mercedes Polo Cup hotline -- 026503055.

Carla Camelis' father, Juan Carlos, was a jineteada - champion Argentine rodeo rider - so she started riding at a very young age. Her husband is a very well known gaucho in Thailand, who is known as The Bach-A-Mann (the 5 goal player Federico Bachmann). They met ten years ago in their home town of Venado Tuerto (near Santa Fe, about 4 hours West of Buenos Aires), and the newest addition to the family is the 19 month old Bautista, who is destined to be a polo player himself. Carla's passion is fitness instruction, and in 2002, she was the Argentina Aerobics Champion. Now, she helps her husband make horses on their small farm Punta Cayasta. They make about 5-10 horses a year for 12-26 goal polo. Carla loves traveling, and one of the reasons her husband turned professional again was to show her the world through polo. Federico used to be a 7 goal player and says that having a family has helped his polo, because of their support off the field. "Polo became a game for me again, not just my work. I could play more relaxed and enjoy it." They have a big kitchen on their farm with no wall, and they have a deal: Inside the house, Carla is the boss, but her husband is welcome to have an opinion. Outside the house, her husband is the boss, but Carla is welcome to have an opinion. It works well. Carla's favorite refran: "No por mucho madrugar... Amanece mas temprano!" (The sun doesn't rise earlier, no matter what time you get up). So don't get up too early!

Daniel Yanez is now in Thailand. He is the younger brother of La Topadora Cabeza Grande Gustavo Yanez, and he is here to take command of the veterinary care of the horses at the King Power Polo Field. Daniel is 27 years old and he has recently completed is 7 year Veterinary degree in Argentina. Daniel likes the "art of taking care" and this is what took him into Vet Medicine. He is also a polo player with a 0 goal handicap, and he thinks that polo is the perfect combination between human and horse. Daniel's favorite refran is "En el punto mas oscuro de la noche es cuando empieza a amanecer" (in the darkest point of the night is where the sun will begin to rise). It means that when things are at their worst, then they can only get better. Daniel's objective in life is to learn as much as he can about the Veterinary care of horses. He wants to do this for himself, but realizes that this will also help him in his work. He thinks Thailand has a very interesting culture, and he thinks that King Power has a very good cancha. Daniel's greatest inspiration to be a vet was his father, Pepe, and his father was also his favorite polo player.

The King's Cup is here again. This year's competition has the following teams: Thailand A, Thailand B, Argentina, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore.
Sunday 23 Jan - Argentina won the playoff against Hong Kong and Malaysia. Malaysia played extremely well winning many new fans from the sidelines. Hong Kong showed impressive performance from the China Man "Eric Butter" who has changed his passport once again.
Tuesday 25 Jan - Dubai defeated Thailand B and Singapore and will pass through. Thailand B defeated Singapore 7 1/2 to 6. Singapore and Hong Kong are now out of the tournament.
Wednesday 26 Jan - Thailand A with Gustavo and Cambiaso defeated Argentina very soundly. Cambiaso led his team to a 5-0 lead in the first chukka, and Argentina was completely destabilized after that. Very impressive stick work from Cambiaso was the highlight of the game. Khun Top got the first goal seconds into the first chukka.
Thursday 27 Jan - Dubai with Lolo and Ali Albarwady narrowly defeated Malaysia by 2 goals to advance to the finals against Thailand A on Sunday. Malaysia played extremely well with several long runs and spectacular goals. Dubai won with very intelligent play from Lolo and capitalizing on penalties.
Saturday 29 Jan - Argentina beats Malaysia 12-8 for 3rd place.
Sunday 30 Jan - Ladies Polo exhibition match was a tie 2-2 between Thai Airways and AIS. The selection of "Polo Angel 2005" went to #8 who was the most popular angelito with all the gauchos. The FINALS between Thailand A and Dubai for the King's Cup was a very exciting game to watch! Khun Nat was replaced by Khun Vichai at the end of the 4th chukka. Thailand A defeated Dubai 10-7 with a tremendous display from Cambiaso, Top and Gustavo keeping Lolo and Ali Albarwady on their toes. Pictures will be coming soon.

Jameley with the Malaysian team and some lady polo players
Malaysian Team

Thailand A - Winners of the Kings Cup with the Chairman of Thai Airways
King Power Team wins Kings Cup

The King's Cup with the gauchos
The Gauchos

Top and Cambiaso surrounded by polo angels.
Los Angelitos

Early morning lessons -- Photo by Sean's dad

Khun Un and his new helmetPOLO PIONEER
Khun Un is the first polo player in Thailand to paint his helmet. "The old helmet was so boring," he says. Thanapon Tantayanurak works as Secretary to the Advisor to the Prime Minister of Thailand. Un says it is very challenging work, because you meet with the top management of the country and see how decisions are made. The painting on Un's helmet is a Yak (Thai Giant) called Totsagan. It was made by a temple painter named Khun Add, and you can see this Yak in Thai history books like the Lammagian which was transcribed from its Indian origins by King Rama IV. "It is a bad Yak," Un smiles, "and I put it on there to intimidate the enemy." Un has been playing polo since the last month of last season. Not long, but he has learned a lot over the summer from Reggie Ludwig in USA. The most important things he learned were the Reggie Checklists: 1. "Ready-to-ride" (toes up, heel down, back straight, chin in) and 2. "Ready-to-hit" (half seat, ready position). Un started playing polo because it is such a challenging sport. "Going to play is like going to war," he says. This game has also taught Un a lot about life - "Know your position" and "Respect the other's decision." Un says that the most important part of his job as Secretary is "Keeping connections." It is easy to meet people, but maintaining the relationship is what is difficult. The trick is "never forget," he says, "names, how you met, what they did for you." Un's greatest role model is H.M. The King, because "he won't give up. Also he tries to find how to enjoy what he does." Un adds that Thais don't wai H.M. The King, nor shake his hand; they only bow their heads before him. Un met his lovely wife Khun A in Government house, and they have been married for two years. We ask him what it is like to be married, and he replies with a smile, "you're not living alone." Un's other passions are golf and piano, and his favorite Thai motto is "Tot Tan Pandin" (pay back your motherland), because he is passionate about helping society. Un feels that it is the Buddhist way, "the middle path," that makes Thailand great - not too tough, not too soft; not too fast, not too slow. He feels that these are not bad tactics to use on the polo field either. Email Khun Un

A new visitor at the polo club -- Khun FayMERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR
Khun Ton and Khun Top arrived at the polo club with a box of fireworks on Christmas day. After polo, the festivities began. There was a delicious asado with all sorts of lamb and beef superbly prepared by Khun Robin and Khun Susy, and then the fireworks began. The perfect setting was to launch the pyrotechnics from the edge of the polo field. Everyone sat up on the porch watching the explosions and lights. Khun Top and some of the gauchos also enjoyed dancing among the glowing embers. Thailand is very fortunate to enjoy 3 seperate new years each year. The first is in January, the second is the Chinese New Year in February, and the third is the Thai New Year (Songkran) in April. This is a very hot time of year, and this festival is accompanied by a lot of water throwing. Usually, at the polo club, there is a Songkran Tournament, and the losing team wins the chance to lie on the ground and have a trash can of ice water poured over them. Happy New Year!

Gauchos under fire!

Sean Longstreath is 9 years old. He came to the polo club last year and met Federico Bachmann. When he told Federico that he wanted to play polo, Federico called to the grooms, "Bring Golandrina." Sean is a student at St. Andrews School in Rayong, and he speaks Thai, Lao, and English. He is now taking lessons at the club every week. He thinks that polo is a lot like soccer, but the field is bigger and there is no goalie. So far, Sean has learned to stand up in the saddle and to use his body to guide the horse. Sean's father loves to come to support his son.

Young Sean

We gave him a buena suerte haircut before he left, and it seems to have worked... Because he came back with a lovely new wife. Mercedes is also from Salta in the Northwest of Argentina, and the two had been dating for seven years. We are in the process of enlisting Mercedes' help in wearing down Churo, so that we can have a chance to beat him in golf and squash. Churo has been doing a fantastic job of keeping the polo horses in playing condition and is planning to publish a book on Vet Advice for Polo Players.

Churo and Mercedes

Bach-A-Mann in Action!BACHMANN IN EUROPE
Federico Bachmann spent the summer playing in Switzerland and France. He was playing for Philip Maeder at the Zurich Polo Park. His highpoint was the 14 goal ATAG Polo Open where his team "Lavazza" did much better than expected. All of the other teams had 3 professionals, but Lavazza had 2 professionals with 2 sponsors. The trick was to keep possession of the ball. When you are 2 against 3, moving in diagonals is essential. Go away from the opposition, and go where they won't take it from you. Federico says this is called El Trensito (the little train) where you play very close to each other. You can't just hit the long shot, because you will lose the ball, so when you hit, it has to be a goal or out!" Federico says that playing in Europe is more competitive. They are very organized and getting better horses all the time. He chose Pablo Jauretche (7 goals) to play with him, because of good communications. "We have good chemistry. He can listen and advise me, and we are both 'workers on the field' - not stars. This is important." The experience in Europe taught Federico the importance of discipline - "follow the line," he says. Europeans are interested in position and strategy, and they valued Federico's tactics of "teaching on the field." Federico likes to teach "what to do" rather than to explain later "what you did wrong." Many players get "lost on the field," so they really appreciate it if you can help "show them the way." It's is like guiding a blind man before he hits the wall, rather than tell him later why he hit the wall. You get more confidence and you learn faster. Federico thinks the top polo countries in Europe now are Spain (serious and fun), England (serious), Switzerland (wants to learn), France and Italy. Federico feels that going from one extreme in Thailand to the other in Europe has made him appreciate the importance of freedom and to understand that you don't need that much in life to be happy. Email the Bach-A-Mann
The work of the gaucho can be very difficult at times. Here, our very own Pepperoni has just completed an instruction session of stick and ball with Khun Mimi. Mimi is one of the most experienced lady polo players in Thailand. She has been playing polo for many years, and now since she is working at King Power, we see her even more often at the polo field. Pepperoni has been coaching her on her swing and riding position. Pepperoni's father is an avid reader of Siam Polo News.
Que lindas sonrisas!POLO ENTHUSIASM
Khun Pak is on a month's vacation from high school in Australia. Her mother, Robin, loves polo, and now Khun Pak is very interested to learn too. Feder has been giving her lessons and teaching her some of the finer points of the game. He thinks she is coming along well. Khun Pak does not have much experience, but it is easy to see that she is a natural. She is very comfortable on the horse, and she is learning very fast. She hopes that she will be able get her own horse to play polo with some day.
This is the newest gaucho in Siam. Pascual was born in Mendoza. He is 21 years old and the only child in his family. He is now a 2 goal player. He started to play polo when he was 14 years old. His father loves to watch the game of polo, and encouraged Pascual to take up the game. One of his greatest teachers was Cristian Guevara who taught him to feel the movement of the horse without looking at it. His favorite shot is the "under the neck" shot. His favorite player is Cambiaso, because he is magic. His vision for his life: He wants his father to see him play in Palermo. His philosophy for polo which comes from his father: "juga como vas sabes" (play the way you know). Pascual's favorite horse is the one with a strong heart. Pascual is a very keen ball tapper, and can keep the ball in the air about 90 taps (on foot) and about 7-8 taps when on the horse. He loves "Folklore" music and the Argentine game of "Pelota Paleta." Pascual speaks very good Spanish, and the rumor has it, that he is now learning English from a certain anonymous gaucha timida in exchange for riding lessons. We will be sure to try to get a picture of this doble sentido as we monitor the progress of Pascual's English.
San Prajow Taksin in the town of Tak.HISTORICAL JOURNEY TO TAK
Prajow Taksin is a very famous King in Thailand who lived about 9 generations ago before the Rama Kings took power in Siam. He is very famous for leading his army from Chantaburi to defend Siam against the Burmese. He told his men "Toop Mau Kow" (Break Your Rice Bowl) after their last meal before attacking the Burmese. This was to inspire his men to victory, because their next meal would have to be eaten out of their enemy's rice bowl. There was no coming back. Victory or death. He was successful. Prajow Taksin was also a great horseman, and if you venture to the north of Thailand, there is a town called Tak which was Prajow Taksin's birthplace. In this town, you can find a temple to the spirit of King Taksin, and for polo players, this temple has special significance, because it is surrounded by statues of horses - wood, iron and stone. It is a temple to King Taksin's spirit, and therefore you only wai once. (In a normal Thai Temple, you wai three times - to the Buddha, the Book, the Teacher).

In an exciting action-filled weekend, Three teams competed for this new cup sponsored by Khun Aktanai -- King Power, Ekarat and Mullis Capital. It was a very exciting first day, with King Power jumping to a 3 point lead ahead of Ekarat. They also took a 4-2 lead over Mullis. Day two, saw a very exciting match for second place between Ekarat and Mullis, with Ekarat winning by one goal. The final game between King Power and Ekarat, was extremely close with King Power leading by 1 goal going into the final chukka. Then King Power pulled ahead and finished 3 goals ahead of Ekarat. Khun Susy showed very determined play bouncing off her first goal post and landing flat on the ground. Khun Robin was fast on the scene with an ice pack..

King Power Team (Captain: Khun Vichai)

Ekarat Team (Captain: Khun Aktanai)

Mullis Capital Team (Chairman: The Grand Mullis)

Khun Niphon Raksriaksorn is the Personal Assistant to the Chairman of King Power. He is also the General Manager of Siam Polo Park. Polo has taught him about sportsmanship and teamwork, but he is very quick to add that his lovely wife Jack has taught him the most about life. "She has taught me how to be optimistic and to see the good." Adjan Jack has been teaching Niphon about life, while Khun Vichai has been teaching Niphon about polo - "Think before you hit, and communicate with your team." Niphon's vision is for Siam Polo Park to be a leading club in Asia. There is a lot of room for improvement, and he is encouraging members to bring their families and encourage member unity and support. Niphon is organizing a Beginner Cup for early January, so everyone can see him in action. "Don't laugh if I miss the ball!"

Khun Kitti Lekharphan & Khun Sprite came to visit the club. Khun Kitti loves to run triathalons like Khun Ak. He is an experienced event rider.

On Sunday evening, there was a magic show in the clubhouse with a very special appearance of two buxom young ladies (chicas locas) from Argentina who came to sing "La Vida Loca" with Khun Top and Marco. We know that one of these "ladies" has since returned to Argentina to get married. It is an Argentine Gaucho tradition here in Thailand that whenever a gentleman is to be wed, it is the responsibility of his fellow gauchos to give him a haircut. This is what happened to Marco last year, so he made sure that Churo was given this same honor and courtesy before his departure from Thailand.

Jaime is from Spain. His passion is Tigers, and he has been learning to speak Russian and play polo at the same time. He is one of the most spirited players at Siam Polo Park.

27nov2004 -- click to enlarge 27nov2004 -- click to enlarge

There is significant progress with the new King Power Polo Fields (main field and practice field). The fields are getting very green and construction is going on all around them. The latest pictures were taken on 27 Nov 2004 (click images to enlarge).
Khun Ton was practicing very hard this past weekend, because on Wednesday 24 Nov 2004, he will leave Thailand for Argentina where he will be competing with Juan Manuel and Carlos Gracida in Buenos Aires for the Diamond Cup. This is a 22 goal polo tournament, and it will be the first high goal tournament that Khun Ton has ever competed in. Gustavo Yanez is in Argentina at the moment. He has been preparing horses and will be "coach" and "on hand" at the tournament. Ton told us that the Argentina style of play is friendly, but that the tournaments are more aggressive. He is hoping to get good experience from this tournament. The most important thing he learned this past summer playing in England is to "read the game." Every match is not the same he says, and it is very important to have control and to communicate. He explains that the best way to do this is to know yourself and to read your friends intentions, so that you know whether to take the man out or to get open for the pass. Cabeza grande will sum it up succinctly by saying, "play polo." Chok dee Ton! NEWS FLASH ---> King Power has made it to the finals fo the Diamond Cup. First game, beat Lolo's team 14-10. Second game, beat Cambiaso's team 11-10. Ton has 3 goals so far. Now advancing to the finals!

Khun Ton

The grooms celebrated the opening of the new polo season by holding the first ever Siam Polo Football League Cup. The competition was fierce, and in the end, the winning team was "Laos." The teams were made up of Siam Polo Grooms (who mostly come from the town of Muktahan) and Gauchos (who mostly come from Argentina). Pictured left is the celebration that took place after the Competition.
As you can see, everyone is getting very excited about the opening of the new polo season at Siam Polo Park on the weekend of 6-7 November. Marco and Carolina have returned after a successful wedding in Argentina along with Pepperoni and Feder, and they have all been working hard to get the horses ready for the start of the new season. On the 6th of November, the club had a meeting and elected Khun Aktanai to be the new Chairman of Siam Polo Park - 06Nov2004 Minutes. A new list of Siam Polo - Regulations & Fees has been drafted by the new General Manager Khun Niphon along with a calendar of polo events for the 2004-2005 Siam Polo Season and we also have a list of Member's Polo Handicaps awarded by the TPA (Thailand Polo Association).

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Khun Aktanai - Captain of Thailand Elephant Polo Team.

The King's Cup Elephant Polo Tournament had a record 16 teams entered into the competition this year at Hua Hin from the 6-12 September. Pictured on the left is Captain Aktanai, who led his team to victory over Australia in the finals. It was the first time Thailand has ever won the King's Cup and it was a great game -
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Photo and update by our Roving Reporter Khun Dara

King Power took to the field in England on 26 May with Khun Top, Khun Vichai, Adolfo Cambiaso and H.R.H. The Prince of Wales playing against the Ham Polo Club team of Chris Mathias, Ali Albwardy, Lolo Castagnola and Nicholas Colquhoun Denvers. The match was in aid of the Mihai Eminescu trust and the Thames Landscape strategy. A large Thai contingent of supporters attended the event, including His Excellency the Thai Ambassador to Siamese Ladies with our Roving Reporter Khun DaraLondon. After the charity lunch, an exciting exhibition match took place with Khun Top scoring the first goal to great cheers of delight from the Thai supporters on the sidelines. The final score after the 4 chukkas was 5 ½ to 5, with King Power claiming the 1/2 goal advantage on handicap. Cambiaso showed great skill on one of his successful drives going the whole length of the field tapping the ball and scoring for King Power. Castagnola scored three goals for Ham and the other goals came from Chris Mathias and Ali Albwardy. It was an exciting afternoon of polo with proceeds going to a good cause. H.E. The Thai Ambassador Presented the prizes to the two teams including the new Dara-designed burgundy umbrella complete with a polo stick handle. view article

Recently, we were able to see our very own "Peperoni" playing with his uncle Canchi from Argentina. These two come from a very long line of polo players in Argentina. Canchi is president of the Rio Cuarto Polo Club and has been playing polo for 25 years. His passion for polo came from his father and his grandfather. His grandfather, Manuel Andrada El Paisano, was a 9 goal player who was on the world champion Argentina polo team at the 1936 Berlin Olympics and who also won the Argentine Open six times. Canchi's father was a polo coach in Spain, Columbia, England and Brasil. Canchi feels the most important tactic in polo is to play as a team. It is the heart and head of the other players that gives the spirit to the game. Read more about Nicolas Pieroni en Tailandia.

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Rules of Polo

Polo has many rules. In each newsletter, we will share with you a different rule, penalty or picardia (trick) to increase your understanding of the game.
We finally managed to track Jamie Woodward down with his family after the game. Jamie started polo at age 10 in England with the Pony Club. He was a Captain in the Blues & Royals British Cavalry Regiment for 8 years playing at Guards Polo Club in Windsor. His greatest polo moment was scoring the winning goal as the final bell rang in the semi-finals of the Harrison Cup (15 goal) at Cowdray Park against Los Locos. His greatest mentor of the game was Memo Gracida. "He taught me to watch the game and to slow down so as to play calm and organized." Jamie met his lovely wife Pum (a famous actress in Thailand) at a Christmas eve party in Bangkok. Now, he has two children, Jilly who rides and wants to fly, and young Tom who will certainly play polo. Jamie's favorite shot is "under the neck." Favorite quote: "Action this day" (Winston Churchill). "Polo has taught me how to have fun and compete; winning is important." Jamie is with UBS investment banking firm in Bankok, and his advice for polo: "slow down in front of goal," and "in attack, try to go inside the defender (go to his right), because it neutralizes the opposition!" (Khun Top does this well). His favorite polo quote comes from the former 10 goal Argentinian, Gonzolo Pieres, "No one ever gets out of polo."

Siam Polo Calendar

Upcoming polo events at the club. View Siam Polo Calendar.
6-7 Nov Polo season opens in Thailand.
4-5 Dec Ekarat Property Cup
24-30 Jan Thailand Polo Association "King's Cup 2005"
26 Feb Mercedes Cup
Apr Songkran "IceWater" Cup & Ladies "IceWater" Cup
22-24 Apr King Power Gold Cup
May End of season Match

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