Beginners to Polo in Thailand

Siam Polo Park offers instruction to Beginner Polo Players from Tuesday through Sunday. The cost is 1,000 Baht per lesson (riding), 1,000 Baht per lesson (wooden horse), 1,500 Baht per lesson (stick and ball), 3,000 Baht per chukka. These rates are cheaper if you join the club. The Thailand polo season is from November through May (depending on the rains). If you are interested in trying a lesson or learning about polo -- Email Siam Polo Park -- Phone:
0899241771 (Aor)
Beginners are welcome. If you have never played polo before, or if you have never ridden a horse before, it is never too late to start. Beginners are welcome to take riding lessons and then polo lessons at the polo club. There is a polo manager and several polo professionals who can help you get started.

You can read POLO RED BOOK -- a basic introduction on How to Play Polo -- and search for advice and polo tips on Polo Gringo --

The polo season is from November through May, but you can also take lessons during the off-season.

The lessons will vary from teaching riding to instruction on hitting, polo theory and tactics. You are also welcome to watch polo videos in the clubhouse to introduce you to other aspects of the game.

You can also buy polo equipment and horses through the club manager.

Please book your lesson in advance. Email Siam Polo Park. Phone Khun Dang - 0818136673. Map to SPP Field (near Bangkok).

How to buy a Polo Horse in Thailand

If you are interested to buy a horse from Argentina, the cost is about US$15,000 (including the shipping and V.A.T.). You are welcome to come and try the horses at the polo club. All of the club horses are for sale. You can find the price from the club manager. You can also ask the club manager if any of the club members would like to sell their horses and what the price is. Approximate cost of stabling a horse at the polo club is about US$6,000 per year (plus vet bills). You can contact the club manager for more information.