Polo Tournament  2010 - 2011

Month Date Competition Goal Venue Organizer
 November 2010 12th - 14th  Polo Escape Challenge    Polo Escape Polo Escape
  17th - 19th  Kuppa Trophy  6 Polo Escape Polo Escape
  19th - 21st  Loykatong Full moon Midnight Polo  Cup   Siam Polo Park V&A
 December 2010 10th - 12th  Celebration Cup  6 Polo Escape Polo Escape
  16th - 19th  Main Sponsor Cup  4 - 6  Siam Polo Park V&A
 January 2011 6th - 9th  Adamas Trophy   8 - 12  Polo Escape Polo Escape
  10th – 16th  Polo International Club Series   VRSC TPA
  27th - 30th  Ambassador's Cup  4 - 8  Siam Polo Park V&A , Tom
 February 2011 4th – 6th  Thai Polo League week 1   Polo Escape TPA
  8th – 13th  All Nations Cup   8 - 12  Polo Escape Polo Escape
  17th – 20th  King Power Gold Cup    VRSC V&A 
  24th – 27th  Ladies International  6 Polo Escape Polo Escape
 March 2011 4th – 6th  Thai Polo League week 2   Siam Polo Park TPA
  17th – 20th  Polo Festival   4 - 8  Polo Escape Polo Escape
    Thailand Tattler Cup   Siam Polo Park V&A , Tom
 April 2011 1st- 3rd Thai Polo League week 3   VRSC TPA
  9th – 10th  Siam Polo Member Cup   Siam Polo Park V&A
  15th – 17th  Songkarn Cup 2011   Siam Polo Park V&A
   23rd Tri-nations Charity Cup   VRSC TPA
  29th to May 1st Beginner Cup 2011   Siam Polo Park V&A
    TPA=Thailand Polo Association      
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Pienlert Thoopphanom (SouL)
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the new Siam Polo Park membership card with TPA handicapSIAM POLO PARK -- NEW FEES 2011
- Welcome - Please sign Liability Waiver Form
CHUKKAS - 4,000 Baht
STICK & BALL - 3,000 Baht
POLO LESSON - 3,500 Baht
*please book 3 days in advance -
Email Siam Polo Park
*currency conversion from Thai Baht

- 40,000 Baht (per season) - Membership Form
- 3,000 Baht (per chukka)
- 2,000 Baht
- 2,500 Baht
*Honorary Member - 2,000 Baht (per chukka)
STUDENT - 10,000 Baht (per season) - Membership Form
CHUKKA - 1,000 Baht (per chukka)
STICK & BALL - 1,000 Baht
POLO LESSON - 1,500 Baht
*Thai/Foreign undergraduates less than 23 years age studying in Thailand.
Siam Polo Park is 10 minutes from Suvarnabhumi Bangkok International Airport. Everyone is welcome. You do not have to be a member to come and play. Please contact 3 days in advance if you would like a polo lesson or stick & ball. Members will receive a laminated Siam Polo Park card with their TPA polo handicap on it. If you have any questions, please call Khun Dang -- 0818136673 (+66818136673) --
Email Siam Polo Park

Any comments, corrections, additional dates -- email -- thank you.



Siam Polo Park

        Application Form Season 2009-2010

(October 3 rd, 2009 - October 3 rd 2010) 

    1. Personal Data

    Full Name: __________________________ Years of playing Polo: _______

    Home Address: ________________________________________________


    Home Tel.: _______________________ Fax: ________________________

    Mobile: ________________________ E-mail: ________________________

    ID No. / Passport Number: ________________ Expiry Date: ____/____/____

    Nationality: _______________________

    Date of Birth: _____/_____/_____ Blood Group: _____________

    Marital Status: ______________ Spouse Name: ______________________

    Contact Number: ____________________

    Business Address: _____________________________________________


    Tel.: __________________________ Fax: __________________________

    Name of Secretary/Assistant: ____________________________________

    Tel.: _________________________ Email: _________________________

    Personal Doctor: __________________ Tel.: ________________________ 

    2. Type of Membership (Please view page 5 for full details):

      • Membership (THB40,000.- Annual fee)
      • Student Membership (THB10,000.- Annual Fee)

    3. I have signed the form of the waiver and I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of Siam Polo Park.  

    Members are advised that they must submit a “WRITTEN NOTICE” to the management team of Siam Polo Park one month before the unsubscribed date. 

    Signature of Applicant ______________________ Date _____/_____/_____ 

For Official Use Only
Membership No.  
Received by:  
Received Date:  


Liability Waiver


          I, _________________________________________, acknowledge and understand: 

  1. that if I receive a lesson in any form of horse riding or engage in the sport of polo or any form of horse-riding whatsoever, I will do so entirely at my own risk and I agree that Siam Polo Park and its Management, Members, Guests, Visitors, and any riding instructor giving lessons at premises occupied by Siam Polo Park shall be exempt from all liability whatsoever and howsoever caused arising from the said tuition or my participation in the said sports (including all acts done incidental to the giving of performance of the tuition or sports).
  1. that if I use all the facilities provided by the club of any kind, my attendance or presence at or about the premises of Siam Polo Park is entirely at my own risk.

      In particular and without prejudice to the foregoing generally, I agree that Siam Polo Park, as well as its employees and agents shall be free and exempt from all liability, for I hereby waive all claims now or hereafter available to me in respect of any loss, damage, or injury upon me or upon any of my property or family. 

      Moreover, the same applies to any effect whether caused or occasioned similarly by any default or negligence of the Management of the Club or by any invitees, licensees, employees or agents of any kind of Siam Polo Park and for whom Siam Polo Park may be responsible or arising out of or connected with the state of any machines, buildings, apparatus or food and drinks to be used or out of the state of the place at which the tuition or sports is to be given or performed or the unsuitability or behavior of the horse on which I ride or otherwise however. 


                                                 Signature: _______________________________


                        Printed Name: (______________________________) 

                      Date: _____/______/______ 


      Membership and Chukka Fees

       Membership Fee 40,000 Baht / Season


          Membership Member Non -member
          Activity 40,000.- -

          (Per horse)

                 1,500.- 2,000.-

          With Instructor

          (Per horse)

          Chukka Fee

          (Per Chukka)


      Student* Membership Fee 10,000 Baht / Season



        Member Non-member
        Activity 10,000.- -
        Stick&Ball   1,500.- 2,000.-

        With Instructor

          2,000.- 2,500.-
        Chukka Fee

        (Per Chukka)

          2,500.- 3,000.-


*For undergraduate, and age must not exceed 23 years old. Both Thai and Foreign students who study in Thailand only

*Please acknowledge the booking 3 days before. 

**Membership rate for each activity will be granted once the membership fee is received. Siam polo park reserves the right to disallow any member from all activities if 2 previous invoices are not paid and / or withdraw  privileges without prior notice. 


    1. Only Honorary and Full members can rent stables for their horses.
    2. Stable Fees:
    • Baht 16,500.- per month for leasing the stable
    • A discount of Baht 6,000.- will be offered to Non-dressage Horses, Injured/Sick Pony, or Baby Pony sharing the same stable of the parent
    • For horses transferred during the month, they will be charged by the number of days the horses stay at the stable
    1. Horse Shoeing:
    • Baht 850.- per pony
    • No charge for fixing shoes or hooves
    1. Veterinary Fees:
    • The actual cost of medicine and treatment
    • Shared communal expenses (Averaged by the number of horses)
    1. Polo jersey:
    • Members will receive a polo jersey for polo tournaments. The polo jersey will belong to the member, and in which will be charged for in the consecutive invoice.
    1. Disciplinary Actions:
    • The Polo Manager has the right to suspend any player with an aggressive way of play or may put the horse or other players at danger. Suspension could last from 10 days to a year. 

Siam Polo Park

        Siam Polo Park : 88/1-8,11-12 moo9 Preng, Bangbor, Samutprakarn 10560 Thailand


      Downtown Office: 8 Rangnam Rd., Kwang Thanon Phayathai, Ratchathewi,

            Bangkok 10400 Thailand

            Tel. (66) 2-677-8888 # 1202-1204

              Fax. (66) 2-245-8007

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